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Blooming Into Speech & Language Activity Pack


My life has been pretty busy and I can finally say that my NEWEST No Prep, Print N’ Go Pack is ready!!  I found soooooo much adorable clipart that I decided to make a second pack that can be use for Spring.  The IEP crazy season is in full swing and I know that I was going to need this during April and May.  This pack is filled with a variety of activities some which are open ended, so that you can target any speech or language target.

You can grab my Blooming Into Speech & Language No Prep Pack HERE!

Slide1If you have purchased my Winter Print N’ GoValentine’s Day Print N’ Go or my Springtime Themed No Prep Pack you will similar activities that are in ALL black and white ink and have little to no prep work.  The pack is filled with dot-to dot marker worksheets, compare/contrast venn diagrams for picnic items, roll and color games, fill in the “spring” activities worksheet and templates to make  your own puppets with Popsicle sticks.

Slide2 These are one of my favorites to use as a warm up or with my little artic students to keep them busy while I work with each one individually.  They are given different categories and then I have them write or draw a picture of items that belong in that category.  I can cover my language and artic kiddos with this worksheet.  This pack has some fun work sheets to work on inferencing and asking questions as well as some math graphing worksheets to target more, less, equal, and most.

Slide3There are 6 of these complex sentence worksheets that I have been using to work on comprehension of complex sentences and breaking down the different parts of the sentence, so when they have to answer a question on the test or in class, they will really understand what “who”, “what”, “where”, “when” and “why” means.  So many of my students don’t understand the question word and then give me the wrong answer because of it.  Check out my 411 on my SpringTime No Prep Pack to see how I use these packs in therapy.  You get to see my lovely face on youtube!!

No Prep Speech & Language Activities MONEY SAVING BUNDLE

For all you folks that took advantage of purchasing my Money Saving Bundle pack, go back and re-download because this pack has no been added to the bundle!  A little freebie for you all that purchased during the BIG sale.  I plan on adding a Summer and Fall themed pack over the summer, so if you take advantage of the price now, you will be getting 2 extra packs for free.  The price will go up as I add more packs.  How are you managing therapy and getting assessments and paperwork completed?  I would love to hear your tips and tricks!!  Leave a comment below for a chance to win this pack for FREE. (1838)

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  1. Carly

    I am lucky enough to have a plan/test day on Fridays so I always do my best to get as much paperwork completed at that time. It is not easy but I try to make sure I get ahead on my work before something pops up that may throw me for a loop. Another thing I try to do is lessen my planning time by using the same materials for a variety of students. This can require thinking outside a box such as using articulation cards for grammar practice or categories but my students always have fun!

  2. Amy Beth

    I am finding as a first year speechie that this time of year seems to be the craziest (or maybe I’ve thought that about every time of year as I’ve been living it)…one thing I have decided to do to help me manage next year is to get a lot of therapy materials prepped over summer! I have a huge file of TPT purchases and freebies that I just haven’t had the chance to prep (which is why I LOVE your print ‘n’ go packet I own-would love to win the others!). That way, hopefully next year I will have a lot of the therapy prep complete and have more time to get the paperwork and billing done during the day!

  3. Andrea

    I usually use a same book to target different language goals. That way there’s less prep for me to do. I find books to be incredibly versatile. With my artic kids it’s mostly cards and turn taking games. I try to switch out my games often so the kids don’t get bored. Right now they’re really loving this bunny hop game I got for cheap at Walmart and the BunnyPopper. I don’t have that many assessments to do right now and I usually write my reports in the afternoons.

  4. Dena Adam

    I am getting a lot of mileage out of children’s books and book companions this year. My students are so engaged with the books and I can cover so many goals.

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