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Take the TPT Plunge Linky Party!

I remember when I was first starting out after grad school at two elementary schools and I was stuck in these little boxed sized rooms with minimal therapy resources.  I had started in January, so not only did I have a huge lack of resources, I had to hold LOTS of IEP’s that were not completed in the beginning of the year.  Not to mention that one of my speech rooms was in the school cafeteria and all morning long I got to listen to easy jazz as the lunch ladies prepped food.  I literally could not conduct therapy between 11-1pm because the level of noise in the cafeteria was so loud.  I either wrote reports (with my headphones on), networked with teachers or did some groups outside.  My other room was shared with the school Pyschologist who had taken over most of the wall space with protocols and tests and I had a tiny little shelf that contained all my speech materials.  When you first start out as a new SLP, you think you can defeat any challenge, but that half year was pretty overwhelming!  I had to wait TWO WHOLE MONTHS to get my therapy materials that I was allowed to order.  I didn’t have much to use and it became a daunting task to prep for a caseload of 60 plus students.  The other day I was using some of my fabulous PAID TPT products and realized how much they have enhanced my therapy as well as saved me time for planning.  I know so many of you LOVE TPT for the free resources they supply (which is amazing), but if you haven’t taken the TPT plunge and bought some PAID products you are missing out!!  So, I decided to have a linky party for other bloggers to share what resources they have Taken the Plunge to buy and LOVE!
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To join my Take the TPT Plunge linky party, just write a post on your blog about your journey into the world of paying for TPT products.  Share 2 products that you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and one of your best selling products that so many other SLP’s are using in their therapy rooms!  Now, on to my TPT journey.
This was my first TPT plunge!  I couldn’t resist because I loved the concept and the graphics were very eye catching.  Check out In Your Shoes post from Speech Room News about teaching perspective taking.
Articulation Placemats: Homework Sheets and Drill Activiti
Figuratively speeching has a wonderful product that has saved so much time with prepping for homework sheets.  She made Articulation Placemats- Homework Sheets & Drill Activities Bundle 2 which are homework sheets that can be used at the dinner table as a placemat.  One sheet covers homework for the entire week!  On the sheet is a tic tac toe game, word scrambles and spin and say activities that make practice quick and easy for each day!  My kids groan less when I hand them one of these placemats rather than a word list or some other sort of worksheet.
Slide1My No Prep, Print N’ Go Thematic Packs have been saving me BIG time this year because I have already begun the crazy mad IEP season.  I am also getting tired of being the “game police” and find that doing more “activity” based therapy has been going more smoothly.  This pack is FILLED with lots of different speech and language targets, plus they are black and white ink only! Here is my Money Saving Bundle
that has all my thematic units.  Pssst!  I have a product in the works, so if you buy now, you will get any additional packs I add for FREE!
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  1. What a great idea! It took me a little while before I started purchasing TPT products but now I’m addicted. I have both of the ones you purchased and love them!

  2. Amy Beth

    Thanks for hosting this linky party…I love linkys! This was such a great idea because it gives me quick access to everyone’s favorite products!

  3. Jenna

    Thanks for the shout out!

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