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Two Facts & A Fib Blog Hop


Who doesn’t love it when they can trick someone on April Fool’s day!?  A group of SLP bloggers thought it would be fun to share some details about ourselves and let you figure out which are truth and which one is a big FAT FIB! The rules are simple.  I am going to write down three statements about myself.  You have to figure out two are facts and which one is the FIB.  Write your best guess down and hop on over to the next blog.  On the last blog, you will enter in all your choices in a google doc to enter to win a $50 amazon gift card.


The person with the most correct answers will win the prize!  If there is a tie, the winner will be determined by random selection using a random number generator with the participants who tied in correct answers.  If you are just starting the hop, head over to Speech 2U where it begins or click on the photo below.

11083833_10206599016397829_7268344531456631279_nReady!? I have dabbled in many different adventures over the years, but here are three that I think are my most interesting FACTS (wink) about me:

A.  I played rugby in college for 2 years.  The second year we went to the national championships.

B.  In grad school, I participated in a Flash Mob Dance at the mall.  It was a lot of time to prep, but something I will always remember doing.

C.  My Aunt was in the famous Seinfeld episode when George pretended to be a marine biologist to impress a lady he started dating (my aunt was George’s love interest).

Soooo……which one is my FIB?  Can you get it right!?  Jot down your answer and head on over to the next blog. May your testing taking abilities be ever in your favor.

Click the “next blog” image below to hop on over to the next SLP blogger!  Good luck!!


Head to the last blog to take the QUIZ to be entered to win!




Never Gonna Let You Down: 5 Ways to Build your students UP!

never gonna let you downI have been jammin’ to Colbie Caillat’s new album Gypsy Heart and it has some really awesome songs that have spoken to my heart lately. Her latest song “Never Gonna Let You Down” has been a great reminder of the person I want to be for my students and my own family.  The song states in the chorus “I’m never gonna let ya down.  I’m always gonna build you up. When your feeling lost I will always find you love. I’m never gonna walk away.  I’m always gonna have your back.”   I began asking myself “Do I build my students up?  Do they have confidence in me that I will stay by them through ups and downs?”  Those are some tough questions to ask one’s self!

As much as I would like to write that I have never let my students down would be a incredulous notion that I am PERFECT. We SLP’s  are supposed to be that light that keeps shining when others want to stop believing in our students.  Pretty tall order, huh!? In the depths of my heart, I always want to be the best for my speechies, but I have my days of doubt and frustration.  You know those days, right?

Those days when you want to pass the job over to someone else and sit in a corner sulking because the job “just got too hard”. Those days when you planned THE MOST AWESOME lesson plan only to discover that the whole session was going to be about managing a giant tantrum.  Those days when you didn’t speak up for your student in that IEP meeting because it would cause tension.  Or those days when your little speechie’s teacher has nothing NICE to say about him/her at all.  Or even worse, those days when your frustration level with a student’s behavior or lack of interest in therapy makes you snappy and grouchy with all your speechies.

When I have had too many of “those days”, it’s time for me to reconnect with my students, support them through the good, the bad and the ugly .  I wanted to share 5 ways you can build up your students, so they know you have their back ALWAYS!

one for never postLearn to love the unlovable:  I have always said that I LOVE all my speechies, but I don’t LIKE unwanted behaviors.  Last year, I worked with a lot of non-verbal students that had short attention spans, moved around a lot and had many behaviors.  Some days they loved my activities and some days my grandiose therapy plans were squashed due to lack of interest and behavior. There were days that I didn’t know how to connect with them and the frustration level was elevated to say the least!  I had to remind myself to love the little successes and continue to try “new” ideas regardless of the outcomes.  By the end of the year, some of my favorite kiddos were the ones that drove me to the edge in the beginning of the year.  I had to tell myself a lot that God loves these little ones just as they are and he loves me the same as well.

numbers for build up 2Know your students:  Working with middle school this year has taught me how powerful it can be to make connections with your students.  I see their faces light up when I bring in materials that relate to their interests.  It shows them that I respect them as people and that I am genuinely listening to them.  Figuring out my students triggers for behaviors has also helped me to build them up.  Negative behavior makes both parties frustrated and defeated, so I try to watch out for escalations in behavior before it leads to a giant explosion.

numbers for build up 3Give your students purpose:  Most kids feel special and important when they are given jobs.  My little ones help me with passing out therapy materials, being the line leader on the way to my room, getting to set up the game for the session and lots more little jobs.  With my middle schoolers, I like to let them help me cut out stuff that I am prepping or allow them to choice what they want to work on in speech.  Sometimes I have a great lesson planned, but they may have several language arts assignments missing.  They seem to like having options especially when it can better help their grades in school.

number for build up 4Validate your student’s feelings:  I have this little 1st grader who just doesn’t like having to transition from his classroom to the speech room.  It used to make me grumpy and frustrated because I was never greeted with a “Hi Mrs. Clark”.  I recently started validating his feelings like “I know you really wanted to stay in class.” or “Yes, it is a bummer to have to leave.  I sometimes feel that way too.”  When I approached it that way, my student didn’t have another negative comment to make.  With middle school, it’s sooooooo important to validate their ideas and feelings.  In the beginning of the year, I had many discussions with my students about coming for speech.  Many didn’t want to come and I understood completely!  Middle school is a social circus and going to speech probably isn’t the coolest activity you can participate on campus.  In one particular situation, one of my 7th graders really just didn’t want me to come get her in front of her peers at PE.  I was able to validate her feelings by working with her IEP team to find time to take her during her study skills elective.  The rest of the year has been a breeze and I think she knows that I have her back!

number for build up 5Praise your students in front of other adults:  It was always such an honor when my teachers would tell my parents something positive about me.  It felt good to know when adults noticed something great about me.  I try to call parents from time to time, just to let them know why I truly enjoy their son or daughter and if I don’t have time over the phone, I send an email or write a little comment in the IEP progress report.  Letting their teacher know how hard they worked with the little one in ear shot would pump any kid up!


How do you build your students up?  What strategies do you use when you are beginning to feel overwhelmed or frustrated with your students? (315)


All About VERBS Interactive Book!

Slide1I am on a roll with these interactive flip books!  My students have been enjoying them and I wanted to make a “verb” version for one of my pre-k kiddos.  The other kids in the group are working on /k,g/, /s-blends/ and /l-blends/, so he would be left in the cold without one because he has language goals!

You can grab this pack here!

verbs flipbook 1This book has tabs to help navigate through to the different activities.  There is an action section with matching, a fill in the blank section to work on is/are, a phrase section to work on “verbs” and pronouns and my favorite part……picture scenes to see how they carry over that skill!

verb flip book 2Print on cardstock and laminate for durability.  Grab a dry erase marker and let the kids have some fun!  What kid doesn’t LOVE dry erase markers!?  You can re-use this over and over with your students.  What do you think? (229)


Spring Into Speech: TPT round up of spring themed products for your speech room

spring tpt roundupSpring is here for many folks, so it’s time to start planning out therapy with this fun theme.  I love spring time because the weather is nice and the sunshine is out!  I start to feel super grumpy without the sun.  I categorized tons of spring themed products by target area, so it is easy to find activities that will meet your student’s needs.  Let’s get a head start on planning therapy before the wave of assessments and IEP’s overtakes our therapy planning time!  Here’s what I found for you!

Open Ended Games

Spring Time Fun with Disappearing Tulips Math Game FREEBIE Grades K-2

Catch A Bug FREEBIE Game

Speech Therapy Spring Reinforcement Pages

FREE Spring Themed Open Ended Board Games Set of 3

Play Ball- A baseball open ended game

Speech With My Peeps- Open Ended Game

Hippity Hop Homework- Spring/Easter Themed Homework Packet (Open Ended)

Quack Go Back FREE Speech Therapy Game for Articulation or Open Ended Fun


Mini Speech Club Spring Edition

Spring Roll, Say, and Color Articulation

Articulation Flowers Bundle

Bundle Speech Club for Spring L, R, S, Z, SH, TH

Spring Themed Quick Print & Practice Artic L, S , R, TH, & V

Mystery Pictures for Speech & Language Spring 4600 words

Spring Print & Go Articulation Pack Bundle

Articulation R, L, TH Baseball Game Bundle

Hanging with my gnomies-Multisyllabic Words Games

Easter K Articulation Game FREEBIE

Easter Roll Say & Color Articulation Fun

Spring Early Developing Sounds Articulation Game

Dot & Go Articulation & Phonology for Spring


Speech Therapy Pronouns & Prepositions Grades Prek-1st

Spring Time Grammar Grades Prek-6th

Spring Into Grammar Grades K-5th

Spring Complex Sentence Builder Grades 2nd-12th

Spring Sentence Scramble Two Levels Grades 2nd-6th

Sentence Builders Spring Grades Prek-1st

Punctuation Plants Grades 1st-4th

Spring Time Pronouns Grades Prek-2nd


Head in the clouds Idioms Activities Grades 4-8

Springtime Grammar & Vocabulary Activities Grades Prek-2nd

Spring Time Idioms Activity Pack FREEBIE Grades 4-8

Take me out to the ball game Idioms Pack Grades 4-8

Head in the clouds idioms story FREEBIE Grades 3-8

Let’s Have A Picnic- An Auditory Memory Activity FREEBIE

Spring Irregular Past Tense Verbs & Plurals Activity Grades 2nd-5th

Spring Synonym & Antonym Activities Grades K-3rd

It’s Raining Idioms: A Figurative Language Activity FREEBIE Grades 3rd-7th

Butterfly Associations for Speech & Language Therapy FREEBIE Grades Prek-2nd

Nonfiction Texts with English Language Arts Targets- Spring/Summer Edition Grades K-5th

Spring Up With Language Grades Prek-6th

Butterfly Blitz- Speech & Language Mini Book & Activities Grades Prek-3rd

Spring Time Glyphs Grades K-5th

Spring Time Candy Categories Grades 1st-5th

Speech & Language Thematic Gardening Unit Grades 2nd-5th

Categories in Springtime Printable Activity FREEBIE Grades prek-1st

Butterfly WH-Questions Fun Grades Prek-3rd

Category Flowers Grades K-3rd

Shamrock Following Directions Grades Prek-1st

Magnify-Cent Spring & Summer Prepositions Grades PRek-1st

Spring Figurative Language Grades 3rd-6th

Homophone Garden Game Grades 1st-3rd

Scrambled Eggs for Categorizing: Figurative & Humorous Language Grades 3rd-10th

A March Rhyming Activity Packet: Swing Into Spring Rhyme Time Grades K-4th

Spring Vocabulary With Magic Squares for Older Students Grades 5th-12th

Umbrella Categories Vocabulary & Language Activities Grades Prek-3

Spring Print & Go Language Pack Grades Prek-5th

Earth Day Describe & Sort Language Packet Grades K-4th

Rain Rain Come & Play: Spring Themed Speech & Language Activities Grades Prek-3rd

Full Court Questions: Homework Hoops BUNDLE Questions, Games & Homework Grades Prek-6th

No Print Spring Time Fun Expressive & Receptive Language Grades K-4th

SPRINGO Bingo style cover game about Spring Grades prek-3rd

Speech & Language Baseball Grades 1st-8th

Springing Into Early Language No Print Packet for Speech Therapy Grades Prek-1st

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt For Speech & Language FREEBIE Grades 1st-5th

Spring Inferencing BINGO Grades K-4th

Life Cycle Sequencing Learning for Butterflies, Plants, Frogs, & Lady Bugs Grades Prek-9th

Spring Word Association FREEBIE

Food Category Sorting Grades Prek-5th

Graphic Organizers: Spring Reading Comprehension, Speech Therapy Grades K-3rd

Spring Language Packet for Expressive & Receptive Language Grades 1-6

Spring Expressive Language Pack Grades K-5th

Spring Attributes Game Compare/Contrast includes a Cariboo option Grades Prek-2nd

The History of the Easter Bunny Grades 1-4th

Spring Barrier Games for Speech & Language Therapy

Caterpillar Categories

Rain Rain Come & Play-Spring Theme Speech & Language Activities Grades Prek-3rd

BEE a Good Listener-Receptive Language Game Grades Prek-3rd

Spring Time Fun Quick Activities Grades K-2nd

Spring Time WH-Questions Grades Prek-6th

Full Court Questions- Homework Hoops BUNDLE Questions Game Grades Prek-6th

Five Green and Speckled Frogs- Nursery Rhyme Activities 2-Pack Grades Prek-1st

Frogs & Flies Quantity Concepts More/Less/Altogether Grades Prek-1st

Feed the Caterpillar Basic Concepts Grades Prek-1st

Easter BINGO Riddles Grades Prek-4th

Spring Speech Vocabulary Games- St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Spring Grades K-4th

Interactive Activities

Spring Early Language File Folder Activities Grades Prek-3rd

Interactive Vocabulary Books: Eggs & Bunnies prek-1st

Feed the bunny file folder activity

Easter Early Language File Folder Activities

Social Skills

3 Strikes You’re Out Problem Solving Perspective Taking Activities Grades 4-8

Roll A Topic Spring FREEBIE Grades Prek-2nd

Springs Feelings Packet


I Spy Nature Walk BINGO Book and book template FREEBIE

Ants Go Marching Craftivitiy FREEBIE

Spring Craftivity Worksheets Pack

Spring Craftivity Worksheets Grades Prek-8th

Spring Craftivity and Word Game FREEBIE Grades 1st-5th

Speech and Language Bundles

Springtime Themed No Prep Speech and Language Activities Grades K-4th

Blooming Into Speech & Language No Prep Pack Grades K-4th

Spring Speech & Language Therapy Homework BUNDLE Grades K-8th

Earth Day Extravaganza Speech & Language Packet Grades Prek-4th

Spring Themed Speech & Language Packet Grades Prek-7th

Spring NO PREP Speech Therapy Activities Grades K-5th

Spring Speech Homework BUNDLE

Rainy Day Language & Articulation Printables Grades Prek-5th

Speech & Language Receptive and Expressive Activity BUNDLE Grades K-5

Spring Speech & Language BUNDLE

Spring Speech & Language SUPER BUNDLE Grades Prek-6th

Hop Into Spring Speech & Language Bundle #2

Speech & Language Spring Bundle

Easter Eggstravaganza- Concepts Speech, Language & Literacy Packet Grades Prek-3rd

Spring Fun Pack for Speech & Language Therapy Grades K-4th

Book Companions

Move Over Rover Speech & Language Book Companion Grades K-4

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs book companion Grades prek-3rd

3 Billy Goats Gruff Speech & Language Companion Pack Grades PreK-3rd

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick Activities Grades Prek-2nd

Hopper Hunts for Spring A Book Companion Grades K-5th

Giggle Giggle Quack Book Companion Grades K-3rd

One Rainy Day: A (Mostly) No Print Book Companion Pack Grades 1st-5th

April Book Club BUNDLE

From Tadpole to Frog: A Book Companion

From Caterpillar to Butterfly- Book Companion about Butterflies

May book Club BUNDLE

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick Speech & Language Story Activities

Better Speech & Hearing Month

Better Speech & Hearing Month Awareness Packet FREEBIE (3030)


Monday’s Motto: Let the rain come down

mondays motto rainIt’s been a while since I shared a Monday’s Motto. To be frank, Mondays are rough for me.  I never like getting up on Mondays because it means another long week.   To fight the manic monday syndrome (I created this for myself), I started a Monday’s Motto series where I share inspirational quotes, mantras and prayers that can be applied to my life for the week. Basically, I am giving myself weekly pep talks and soulful reflections to help me grow and build as a person. I just decided to take you along for the ride.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, music speaks to me and often gives me the words that sometimes I cannot express on my own.  From the first time that I heard Sara Barielle’s song Let it rain, I knew it was for me.

As a young girl, I remember putting on my roller blades and rain coat to head outside in the rain.  The feeling of the rain falling down on me was such a freeing experience.  The quietness of the outdoors when it rains was always a place of solace for me.  It didn’t matter that my hair or clothes were wet because no one was around to see me enjoying the tranquility of the rain.

Sara wrote the song during a time when she was scared out of her mind and filled with lots of insecurities about herself.  She says in the webisode that “the only way to get past them (insecurities) is to embrace them.” I am a closet worry wort and hide my insecurities well because I came from a long line of strong women, so I learned some tricks on how to “fake it till ya make it”.  The reality is….I AM HUMAN.  I like that I get insecure and struggle with myself because those are the times when I turn to the LORD for reassurance.  When I allow self reliance to flood my soul, that’s when the stress builds up because I try to fight every battle on my own.  I maintain a humility and deeper understanding of grace when I am faced with my inadequacies because I have to surrender them over to the LORD.

Rain makes everything wet and fresh.  It begins the process of renewal, a new start.  In the beginning it can be a bit muddy and messy, but once the water settles, beautiful vegetation grows.  Just as Sara writes in her song lyrics, symbolically we need to let the rain come down, so that it can make a brand new ground in our circumstances.

Back in August, I started a brand new job which was very exciting.  I had better pay, a caseload of 55 (used to have 80), my OWN office, and welcoming staff. During that time, I struggled to find the joy in my new job.  Transitioning into new things when you don’t know many people and not sure if you will mold well with the staff is very scary.  It’s like going to a new school mid-year and having to make new friends when everyone already has all their cliques and solid friendships.  I also had to build relationships with middle school students, which was so hard!  I did not feel very effective during the first few months of school.  By November, the students were used to me and now say hi to me in the hallway.  I have made connections with my teachers and it has been wonderful collaborating with them all.

If you are going through a scary or uncertain time, embrace it.  Acknowledge your doubts, fears, short comings and anything else invading your space during this time.  In the long run, facing tough circumstances teaches us more about ourselves.  When we learn new things through trials and changes, we make new wonderful things grow.  As clinicians, running into uncertainty should be a familiar occurrence.  I don’t go a week without questioning my therapy, looking for a new way to teach a concept or figure out a common ground when connecting with a student.

Are you finding yourself in this same space?  How do you deal with difficult situations?  I hope you start the week off open to the process of change and let the bad in with the good.  It gets better, I promise!  You will be able to look back with gratitude after the messy parts dry up and beautiful flowers begin to grow (sappy, I know). (290)


Using the Zones of Regulation Curriculum in Therapy!

using zones in the therapy roomAt my middle school, I have students on the Autism Spectrum that have a difficult time with regulating their emotions or recognizing what type of emotion/behavior they are showing in certain situations.  My SDC teacher is also using the Zones of Regulation with her class and it has been very successful because the teacher, myself and the staff use the vocabulary terms to explain what zone we are in all day long! Today I am going to share ideas and activities you can use in therapy.  I love how you can infuse this program into any situation just by using the vocabulary to talk about what zone you are in.

If you want to read more about the program and get more of the worksheets, grab this resource on Social Thinking’s website or on amazon.

zones posterThis is a great poster to hang in your room as a visual and use with your students to generate strategies to help them stay or get to a certain zone.  Grab a poster for your speech room on Social Thinking.

zones of reg 2My SDC teacher Janelle McDaniel made this cute visual bulletin board for her classroom.  I think it is awesome! She had the different zones and then pasted the emotions that go on the zones as a visual reminder for students.

zones of reg

Look what else they made in the SDC classroom!  The SDC teacher grabbed free paint chip samples from Home Depot and had the kids write the different emotions for the zones.  She took pictures of the students acting out the different zones and posted them in the classroom.

I dabbled around on the internet in search of some more “Zones” activities and this is what I found!

Free break cards Zones of Regulation Break Cards

Speechy Musings Self Regulation Handouts and Size of the Problem Detectives

A Sprinkle of Speech What size is your problem?

Speech Paths- What Zone Are They In? Interactive Activity for Middle/High School

The Zones of Regulation App (haven’t tried this app yet, but it looks like it could be great)!

Fun with Firsties made a very cool bulletin board in her class with all the ZONES and has some great strategies on how to make a calm down area.

There are visuals in the ZONES book that you can photo copy and use as visuals.  The Lower Elementary Cottage made a “tools” book for students to pick a tool for a ZONE to help them get back to green.  If they successfully use the tool, they earn a tool coupon in which they can save up to earn a prize.

elf movie clipsI used video clips from the movie Elf during the holidays to work on perspective taking and what “zone” people were in.  Check out my blog post HERE!

I found some hilarious video clips on youtube from one of my SDC teachers.  They show the different zones people can be in using clips from the Big Bang Theory!

Sheldon in the yellow zone! Super funny!!

Love this clip for the blue zone. The kids got a kick out of this. We were also able to talk about how the other character was feeling too and why it may be unexpected to ask a friend to rub Vics on your chest when you are sick.

Red zone with Sheldon! This one made me laugh the most!!

This video is of Sheldon in the green zone. Some of my kiddos could relate to feeling the most calm when they are left alone, lol.

This video has LOTS of Zones going on! I recommend starting the video at about 1:28 seconds because Kevin Hart says “bitch” in the video. My students LOVE Kevin Hart and they sure got more interested about ZONES when we watched this clip.  What activities have you done with the Zones of Regulation?  I would love to add some more ideas to my stash of tricks!! (3612)


Interactive Articulation FLIPBOOKS!

interactive articulation flip books

I am super excited about my newest series of products!  At my elementary charter site, I have a lot of articulation goals, so these are going to help my kiddos stay engaged and work on their goals!  My students LOVE using dry erase markers, especially my middle school students.  It got me thinking about how to incorporate dry erase markers more in my lessons and that’s how my Interactive Flip Books were created! Print the pages on card stock and laminate for durability.  Use a dry erase marker to let kids write on the pages in the flipbook and the erase to use again and again. 

I plan on making articulation flipbooks for all the sounds, but started with the ones I needed the most for my caseload! Psst…f,v,sh,ch are coming up next!  When I arrived at my elementary charter site this year, there were NO materials.  That’s right, NOT-TA! So, I want to make a comprehensive set in the event that I will need more sounds in the future.  Ideas for Language Flipbooks have swirling around in my head and I will one day get to actually creating them.  Until then, I want to share the latest round of books with you!

2015-03-07 10.29.09My /S,L,R/ BLENDS interactive articulation flipbooks include word lists, word lists with pictures, fill in the blank words, fill in the blank phrases and picture scenes to target those sounds at the multiple sentence level.

2015-03-03 18.22.49I have 2nd-4th grade that are working on /r/ and are able to read, so I made a set that is for your reader group.  Hoping to add the vocalic /r/’s soon!  There are word lists, fill in phrases, sentences and stories.  This is great for those that do “quick artic”.  Snag that set HERE!

2015-03-15 13.56.30My /K,G/ interactive books are filled with word lists, word lists with pictures, fill in the blank words, phrases and picture scenes.  I have 3 little ones on my caseload that are going to love using these and will get in lots of repetitions in the process.

Check out my youtube video to see it in action!

I wanted to give all three sets away to one of my followers, so enter my rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway (1140)


Lucky to be an SLP GIVEAWAY!

lucky to be an SLPSt. Patty’s Day is coming up and I thought it would be fun to have a giveaway!  All you have to do is enter my rafflecopter below to have a chance to win 5 items from my store (bundles excluded).  You can dabble in my store HERE to see what you may want to win!

Thank you to all of my followers for reading my blog and purchasing items from my TPT store.  It means the world to me and I feel pretty dang “lucky” most days.  I have grown so much as a clinician because of writing for this blog and collaborating with other amazing SLP’s around the world!  Thanks to technology, I can learn new ideas, therapy techniques and bounce ideas off of other SLP’s that are in the trenches.  Keep working hard and making a difference.  Summer is just around the corner!

May “luck” be ever in your favor!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway


All About Prepositions: Print N’ Go Flashcards

all about prepositions flashcards preview

I am back with another set of my print n’ go flashcard series!  These flashcards have been great for on-the-go therapy and homework practice.  Check out my other sets All About Verbs, Print N’ Go Phonology and Antonyms Print N’ Go Flashcards FREEBIE.

I have a little prek kiddo working on following directions with basic concepts, so these have been perfect to use alongside my phonology and verb packs.  My little group has phono and language goals, so I love how all my kids have their own flashcard set for therapy.

preposition flashcardsThere are 24 basic concept flashcards, 12 “who” question cards, a template to make a preposition book and a cut n’ glue preposition flashcard activity.  These can stay in the speech room or sent home as additional practice.  I love that my students can color them or I can store in their folder to pull out and use with a game.  There is some minimal prep once you print these out, but all in all, they have made therapy planning so much easier for me!

Grab this set in my TPT store!



On the fly therapy: Tips & Tricks to pull it off!

on the fly therapy plansPlanning therapy is probably one of the best parts of our jobs and yet, having the time to do it is always the obstacle!  Paperwork, assessments, meetings, medi-cal billing, phone calls and collaborative time with staff eats up a lot of our therapy planning time.  When I had 80 students last year, I will tell you this……I learned to think on my feet and improvise.  I HATED IT, but the ironic truth was that I learned some tips on how to make therapy effective even though I had zero time to do it!

Now that I have 55 students on my caseload, I can plan out therapy much more quickly because of the tricks I learned when my caseload was insane.  I am not saying that an SLP should have a high caseload to learn a thing or two, but the trials that I faced with that workload taught me some strategies to still have fun in therapy on the fly!  Today I compiled some ideas for how to successfully do “on the fly” therapy to target your student’s goals. (Amazon affiliate links included)

on the fly therapy visual 1I store quick warm ups in a zip file storage pouch, so that if I had lots of IEP meetings or paperwork, I know I have materials ready to target student’s goals.

on the fly therapy visual 2Frequently used visuals are stored in each student’s folder or in their group therapy folder, so I can easily access it.  I have a lot of Social Thinking visuals stored, so I can grab it, and make up scenarios as we go!

Now, some tips from some of my other SLP buddies!!

2014-09-21 09.39.54SLP Natalie Snyders says her tip is investing in dry erase sleeves because it saves you from having to head over to the printer and you can re-use the same materials with different groups!


Speech Time Fun and Speech Room News love grabbing games to use along side card decks.  Jenna from Speech Room News says “I can target any goal with Connect 4. I can! In all seriousness, just be creative with what you have. Social skills? “Conversation Connect Four”, Articulation goals? 10 words per chip. Being flexible is most important part of being an SLP!

Speech Time Fun grabs generic games and pairs them task card/card deck.  Students practice their skills while playing a fun game (which is no prep)!


The Speech Bubble SLP says “I use books. They are like the Swiss Army Knives of speech therapy. I can grab a few books from the library, seasonal or not and use them for my entire week.

Consonantly Speaking says “I keep everything organized in my office so that I can find things quickly. I organize them by activity, theme, season/holiday, and then goal.

Do you have any tips for doing therapy on the fly?  I would love to hear them!!



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