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Bookmark Template to Encourage Independent Reading (Free Printable)

pinterest long pinMy son became a reader this year in 1st grade, which is pretty darn exciting! I am a month into summer break and we have been filling it with all things FUN!  Day camps, my 3 year old’s birthday party, beach camping, going swimming and lots of activities with friends and family.  We are now in July and I realized it’s time to buckle down and get my son back into independent reading every day.

I have been reading books to my kids in the mornings or evenings, but it is super important for my son to continue reading independently. Research has shown that when kids participate with independent reading they build their reading fluency skills (which helps with improved comprehension), increases vocabulary development and builds a child’s background knowledge.  In order to keep me accountable and my son motivated, I made some print n’ go bookmarks to keep track of how many books he reads.  Once he colors in all the stars, Riley (my son), can cash it in for a reward.  His first reward was popsicles!!  You can keep it really simple and inexpensive by creating a list of choices like going swimming, ice cream bars, inviting a friend over, IPAD time, no chore day, etc.

reading bookmark in actionGrab this free printable in my TPT store! My son has been liking it so far.  Next reward, is a bowling night with the family (this is because I got a really awesome groupon deal).  If your child is not yet ready to read books independently, you can still use this incentive for books you read to him/her or maybe use it for when they complete a sight word identification task!

What have you been doing to get your kids reading at home?  I would love some tips and book recommendations for 1st/2nd graders!! (7)


Social Thinking Review: Using the social behavior mapping poster

social behavior mapI am a BIG fan of materials that are easy to store, require little to no prep and can be used flexibly in therapy.  Today, I am going to share a great resource from Social Thinking.  If you aren’t familiar with the social thinking curriculum, I would recommend buying their Thinking About You, Thinking About Me book or Think Social! book to get started.  They are awesome resources that will help enhance your social skills therapy! Today, I am going to be sharing about there Social Behavior Mapping Poster.

Social Behavior Mapping Dry Erase Poster is a tool to help visually show your students the effects of someone’s behavior in a certain situations, both expected and unexpected.

Some of the vocabulary taught with this curriculum, uses the terms expected behavior and unexpected behavior.  In different social contexts, we have to adjust our behavior, so that we are being expected because we want people to have pleasant, good thoughts about us.  For example, when we are watching a football game, it is expected to scream and cheer loudly at the television.  However, if we did that behavior at a library, we would be exhibiting unexpected behaviors because what is expected at the library is for everyone to whisper or stay quiet while looking for books.

For our students with social skill deficits, understanding how their “expected” and “unexpected” behaviors affect people is very difficult. They struggle with picking up on non-verbal cues, tone of voice and interpreting ambiguous/sarcastic verbal messages. Some of my students struggle with “seeing” how their behavior affects others as well as understanding that you have to change your behavior in different contexts.

social behavior map 2This poster allows the therapist or student to write information on the poster with a dry erase marker, so you can use it all the time.  This allows the therapist to tailor the lesson to specific situations the student may need to process through.

There are four columns with different questions to answer about the behaviors. Here is what is listed in the four columns:

  • My behavior that is expected/unexpected for the situation
  • Others feelings about our behaviors
  • How others treat me based on how they feel about my behavior
  • How I feel based on how I am treated in the situation

You can chose a general situation such as “lunch time” and map out behaviors that are general to all students, or you can tailor the behavior mapping specific to what the student is exhibiting during that time.  I have done both because I have some students that become very resistant and escalated in behavior when I point out their not so great behavior.

I love how we can analyze the different feelings/emotions others may feel as well as how the person may be feeling.  We can compare/contrast the affects of expected/unexpected behavior and then think of ways to use more expected behavior in that situation.  I am also able to incorporate “thinking bubbles vs. talking bubbles” with this lesson as well.

The only downfall of using a dry erase poster is that you don’t have anything tangible to send home with parents or to give to teachers.  So, a quick fix I thought of was snapping a photo with your IPAD or phone and emailing it to parents/teachers!

This poster is only $13!! What a deal! I have found working at the middle school that less is more in terms of materials and this helped me tremendously with planning effective therapy.  This is a great tool to use as a warm up if you are having students practice having expected behaviors when playing a game, having a conversation, working in a group, etc.  It gets their brains ready to be social thinkers.  Do you have this poster?  What do you love about using it?

Social Thinking wants to give one of MY followers a Social Behavior Mapping Poster!!! Enter below to win.

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Late Night Summer Reading- 10 Books To Keep You Up At Night

late night summer readingSummer break is right around the corner for me!  I am sooooooo excited to do projects around the house, hang with my kids, go to the beach, sleep in and lots of other fun stuff!  In Sacramento, it really heats up, so the evenings are pretty fun to sit outside, beverage in hand, reading a great book while the kids play in the backyard.  I have revived my love of reading since I have been able to carve more time to partake in the hobby.  I gathered up some must read books for the summer.

I read this book in college and was very engrossed in the story. It is about a young girl who doesn’t have much of a childhood, so she is stuck in front of the TV eating food. Once she becomes a young woman, she finds herself 257 pounds. While most teenagers are having the time of their lives, Delores is faced with many issues of divorce, rape, obesity, and mental illness.

The Baker’s Daughter came recommended by my mom and sister in law.  It is next on my list to read!  This story is about a journalist who is trying to finish a feel good Christmas story and goes to interview the owner of a German bakery.  This is a book about the past and present involving a story about World War II and the Nazi’s.  Looks fab!

This is one of my favorite books and it is definitely a fun summer read! Owen Meany is a dwarfish boy with a strange voice who accidentally kills his best friend’s mom with a baseball and believes–accurately–that he is an instrument of God, to be redeemed by martyrdom.  Once you read the book, you can watch the movie Simon Birch that is based off the book.

I was at a garage sale a few summers ago and the lady was selling TONS of amazing books.  She was in a book club, so I scored big time.  This is one of the books I bought.  The main character is a young Nigerian refugee whose very existence changes the lives of a group of English citizens in dramatic ways.

The Husband’s Secret captured my interest immediately because I wanted to know the SECRET!  Cecilia finds a letter written to her from her husband and learns a terrible secret from his past.  There are two other women in the novel that barely know Cecilia in which her husband’s secret will affect all of their lives.  I liked this book because it was entertaining and easy to read when I had time.

This was probably one of my favs so far! A young girl named Victoria has just turned 18 and is no longer a part of the foster care system.  She struggles with relationships, but finds a way to communicate with people through the language of flowers.  Victoria finds a job working in a florist shop and while working there, she is forced to confront a painful secret from her past. This one is a must have!!

If you LOVED Gone Girl, then you will probably love this book. My mom is reading this book right now and is loving it!  Once she finishes it, I get to borrow it. It is one of those psychological thriller mystery types of books that will keep you entertained while you sip a beverage of choice in the late evenings.

I read this back in college and couldn’t put it down.  Amir, the son of a well-to-do Afghani , has a best friend, Hassan, who is the illiterate child of Amir’s father’s long-time servant. Both children are motherless. A horrific event, a secret kept, the loss of personal honor, and a lie come between the boys, in which the story follows them into adulthood.  Lots of twists with this story…I may re-read this book over the summer, it was that good.

This is a memoir that really touched my soul.  This is a story about two people who were the most unlikely to ever become friends.  It is written in both perspectives from Denver Moore (the modern day slave, homeless man) and Ron Hall, the upscale art dealer and how Ron’s wife brought them together.

Barefoot is one of those easy reads about 2 sisters and a friend that decide to stay in a little cottage by the beach for the summer with their children.  All of them are trying to escape from some problem in their lives and they hire a college boy native, Josh to be their babysitter.  I won’t share too many details, but it is easily relatable for us women in their 30’s and 40’s. Perfect book for any relaxing vacation!

If you are looking for more books to read, check out my post I did with  recommendations of books to read over winter break. What are you all planning to read this summer?  I would love to add more to my list! (2672)


SLP Must Haves: 10 songs to celebrate the end of the school year

must haves end of the year playlistThe last day of school is right around the corner for me!  Students get out May 29th, but I have to work another week because SLP’s in my district have a longer calendar year.  I will be in peace to do all my paperwork without students around (that’s the only positive I can come up with), plus I get paid to get organized!!  I will be blasting some tunes on my way home from work celebrating that my summer break has arrived!  For those that have been following me for a while, you know I love music and use it to help keep my mood up!  I have a new set of recommended songs you MUST HAVE on your playlist for the last day of school.  In no particular order here they are:

1. Maroon 5’s album V with the hit song “Sugar” is ultimately about a guy wanting some “sugar love” from his lady, but the first line reminds me about how my body and soul feels by the end of the year! “I’m hurting, baby, I’m broken down. I need your loving, loving. I need it now.” By the last day of school, I am hurting and needin’ some summer lovin… this song is a great jam to blast in the car!

2. Uptown Funk with Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars is a get up and dance kinda song.   This is a great song to remind us that we have ALL summer long to get dressed up on and out on the town.  No lessons to plan, deadlines to meet or paperwork to get in our way!

3. I’ve gotta feeling by Black Eyed Peas will definitely get you pumped to plan something fun into the late night because we don’t have to set ANY alarms all summer long!

4. Summer Nights by Rascal Flatts will get you in the mood to have a BBQ with friends and let the kids stay up late on those hot nights.

5. Best Day of my Life by American Authors should be blasted the whole walk to your car lol!

6. Walk the Moon’s song Shut Up & Dance With Me has a great beat and it reminds me that school is out and it’s time to STOP talking about speech, IEP’s, paperwork, etc. and turn up some music and get to groovin’.

7.  Jump Right In by Zac Brown Band is a fav of mine!  It has an awesome tempo and makes me want to get to a beach.  I am not going to tropical place this summer, but my family is going to the beach…woohoo!

8. Blame it on the Boogey by The Jackson 5 is one of those songs that makes you want to roll down the windows and sing at the top of your lungs. Get your boogey on!!

9. Beyonce’s Let’s Move ‘Move Your Body’ is a great get up and dance kinda song. It’s perfect for celebrating!! No more meetings, IEP’s to write, therapy to plan…..the list goes….get up and move your body, you deserve it!

10. Colbie Caillat’s Blaze song reminds me of all the fun late nights we are all going to have not worrying about IEP’s, therapy planning, reports, and to do’s!

There you have it!  10 amazing songs to help celebrate the start of summer break!  I hope you all have a great time off from work. You deserve it!  For those that have to work this summer, these songs will surely help you get to work in the morning with a smile. (1318)


Speech is HEATING up: FREE & Paid TPT Round UP

summer TPT roundup
Summer is just around the corner and it is a great theme to use in therapy!  For those of us about to go on summer break, I found some great resources on TPT to make homework packets for the summer.  If you are working this summer, then you need to grab some TPT materials to make therapy fun!!  I started using my summer themed resources this week and plan to use them till the end of May.  Check out my round up of free and paid TPT products that I have found to help plan therapy.  I have links categorized by target area, so you can easily find the items you need!


Grillin’ Up Articulation: SH, CH, DJ

Grillin’ Up Articulation: S-blends & L-blends

Firework Artic FREEBIE K,G,F

Cool Minimal Pairs: s-blends

My Sound Castles for Articulation: ALL Sounds NO prep

Summer Themed BUNDLE No Prep Artic L,S,R,SH,TH,V

Flip Flop Articulation Matching Game

Let’s Go Camping: An Articulation Unit

Flip Flop Articulation Dot Art NO prep ALL sounds

Oceans of Words-Awesome Articulation Worksheets

Summer Color, Cut & Glue Articulation Activities for Early Developing Sounds

Summer Color, Cut & Glue Articulation Activities-Later Developing Sounds

Mystery Pictures for Speech & Language Summer 6,900 words

Mini Speech Club Summer

Syllable Squeeze Multisyllabic Words for Speech Therapy

Interactive Smore Articulation Activity: Hands on speech therapy

Beach Hunt Interactive Articulation Sensory Tub Activity

Summer Later Developing Sounds: Articulation Games

Summer Early Developing Sounds: Articulation Games

Open Ended Games

Gone Camping FREEBIE Open Ended Board Game

FREEBIE No Print Pass the Prize Summer Edition

Summer Open Ended Games

Ready for Summer 3 games in 1

Lemonade Maker: Open Ended Reinforcemnt Game

All Around the Campground Game Board Set FREEBIE

Summer Open Ended Gameboards FREEBIE


Pronoun Fun with Rangers Rick & Susie FREEBIE

Speech Therapy Pronouns/Prepositions for Summer Grades Prek-1st

FREEBIE summer pronouns he, she, they, him, her, his, hers

Grammar Golf Grades K-8th

Summer People Sentences: 3rd Person Pronouns FREEBIE

Summer Complex Sentence Builder

Beach Grammar Activities for Speech Therapy Classrooms


Summer Time Grammar & Vocabulary Pack Grades Prek-2nd

Scoop Up A Delicious Story FREEBIE

Out In The Woods Cause & Effect Grades 1-5

Camping Out Categories Grades Prek-1st

Splash With Language Levels 1, 2, 3

BBQ Figurative Language

Summer Themed Preschool Speech & Language Pack

Summer Descriptive Sentence Fram FREEBIE

Fishy Guessing Similarities & Differences 2nd-5th

Summer Vocabulary Activities Grades Prek-K

Sailing Through Summer Speech Grades Prek-5th

That’s Fishy! Which Does Not Belong: Understanding Negatives & Associations FREEBIE Prek-1st

Summer speech FREEBIE: Gardening

Get Your Hamburger On-Visuals & Printables for Writing Intervention Grades 2nd-5th

Summer Vocabulary BINGO Grades Prek-2nd

Under the Sea Language Activities for Speech Therapy Grades K-7th

Summer Figurative Language Grades 3-8

Ice Cream Emotions- Feelings & Pragmatic Vocabulary Grades 4-8

Write-Say The Room Summer

Sweet Summer Speech & Language

Fun In The Sun: Beach Themed Speech & Language Activities

Summer Interactive Books

All Around the Campground Game Board Set

Buzzin’ True or False FREEBIE Grades 1st-4th

Summer Fun Language Grades 1st-6th

Speech Camp- Expressive Language Activities

No Print Splashing Into Language: Expressive & Receptive

Picnic Time Language

What Goes With Interactive No Print Categorization Associations

Camping Categories

Spring & Summer Stylist: Expressive/Receptive Language Activities Grades Prek-2nd

Say What? A Comprehension Activity Summer Edition Grades Prek-1st

Summer Print & Go Language Pack

Under The Sea: A Thematic Unit Grades Prek-K

Nonfiction Texts with English Language Arts Targets Spring/Summer Edition Grades K-5th

Baseball Themed Language Activities K-6th

Sunny Packet of Language Fun

Greetings From Summer Camp: Listening for Details

Flip Floppin’ Into Summer Interactive No Print

Fun in the Sun Language Activities

Camping with Questions Yes/No Wh-questions for Speech Therapy

Ocean Animals Facts: Receptive/Expressive Language Activities K-6th

Speech & Language BUNDLES

Soaking Up Summer With Speech & Language No Prep Summer Pack Grades K-4th

Two Scoops of Speech & Language: An Ice Cream Themed Activity Packet

Hear it, See it, Say it: Fun in the Sun Seek & Find

Hear it, See it, Say it: Let’s Go Camping

Ladybug Printable Speech & Language Activities FREEBIE

Summer Fun Pack for Speech & Language Therapy or classroom fun

Speech Therapy Oceans of Fun Bundle

Book Companions

The Rainbow Fish Speech & Language Companion Grades K-5th

The Rainbow Fish Phonemic Awareness Pack

Phonemic Awareness Activity for The Rainbow Fish FREEBIE

Lisa the Lifeguard- Interactive Story & Comprehension Activities

Over in the Meadow: A Book Companion

Story Companion- The Big Wide Mouthed Frog

Giraffes Can’t Dance Speech Therapy Book Companion

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell: A Book Companion for Language

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell Language Unit

Smiley Speech Therapy Book Companion

There was an old lady who swallowed a shell: Speech & Language Activities


Summer Craftivity Worksheets

Father’s Day Speech, Language & Articulation Themed Unit with crafts

Craftivity Vocabulary Activities Summer Theme

 Extension Activities for Home Practice

Summer Homework Packet for Speech & Language Therapy Grades Prek-5

Summer Worksheets HW Pack for Speech Therapy

Preschool Speech & Language Summer Homework Packet

Common Core Summer Packets for Speech & Language Grades k-5th

Summer Articulation Homework Packet

Summer Language Homework Packet

Summer Homework Calendars for Speech, Articulation, Language & Fluency

FREE Summer Speech Homework Calendars for Articulation

Print & Go Summer Camp Speech & Language Homework

FREE Summer Speech Homework Calendards for Language

A Summer of Speech & Language Calendars

Speech & Language HW for the Summer

Summer Preschool Speech & Language Packet: Learning Through Play

Classroom Decor

Summer Themed Classroom Decor: Bright Fun Edition

Summer SPEECh Welcome Posters FREEBIE

Behavior Management

Splish Splash Summer Themed Behavior Management Set (3379)


Spring Therapy Activities: Grammar & Vocabulary Pack

spring grammar and vocabulary pack

You can grab this pack in my TPT store!

Last year, I made seasonal packs for my K-2nd grade students working on building vocabulary and grammar skills.  I realized I never posted about my Spring pack! It was a lifesaver with my 80 sized caseload.  I always had visuals and was able to target skills with the seasonal theme!!

spring storage pic 2I store all of these sets in big ziploc bags.  I would grab the bag and a game and off we went.  I loved these materials for my mixed artic and language groups because I was always able to have stimulus items for my language kids.

spring storage pic 1This pack has lots of stimulus items to work on pronouns, is/are, present progressive, noun-verb agreement and third person singular.  There is also themed vocabulary to work on describing and comparing/contrasting.  Grab this pack in my TPT store or enter win a copy below with my rafflecopter!

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S…Peachy Feedback Linky Party


Nicole of at Allison’s Speech Peeps is hosting her monthly feedback party.  I wanted to join in because I love it when buyers leave detailed feedback about my products.  It lets me know what you love and how I can improve my work!  And it truly makes my day when I hear other educators are using and LOVING my stuff.

Last year, when I had lots of young students on the autism spectrum that were non-verbal and/or limited expressive language, I attended a year long AAC assessment course.  It was amazing and really helped me figure out what tools I needed for this population.  It was rough trying to make visuals for all my activities as well as find motivating lessons for this crowd.  This starter kit is for that SLP that inherited a caseload with many non-verbal students and wants to save time making visuals.  Plus, it is a great starting point with lots of tools for working on different functions of communication beyond requesting.

Anyways, this is one of those products that took all year and summer to fine tune, so when people leave feedback like Rebecca B., I am overwhelmed with happy thoughts. I get a bit tingly inside knowing someone is able to do their job with more efficiency and less stress trying to prep and figure out what to do with their students.

feedback linky MayI love the idea of making extra sets and leaving it with toys to help teachers use the CORE boards in their classrooms daily.  This will help with carry over!!

Thank you Rebecca B. for sharing how much you love my AAC Starter Kit: Low Tech Tools to Work on Communication and how you are using it in therapy.  This is the reason I made it in the first place!  To help educators save time and have a great starting point when they have non-verbal or limited verbal students. Once these are prepped, you will never have to spend hours prepping out these resources and can literally grab n’ go!  Time is money in my book!

Rebecca B. email me at to pick something from my store! (285)


Social Skill Builder App Review

social skill bulider app cover

I think I am always in need of social skill materials, so it is awesome when I find new ones that I can try with my students. Social Skill Builder has an app and CD-roms that is designed to work on social thinking concepts using video clips. Using video modeling with students on the autism spectrum is a great way to target social skills and it is an evidenced based practice!  I love how it takes the focus off of the student’s behavior and allows them to analyze other people’s behaviors.  Sometimes my students get frustrated with us critiquing their social skills, so this is a nice when to bridge a discussion about pragmatics.

6 exciting levels with more than 200 video prompts to break down social situations into functional terms including – See more at:
6 exciting levels with more than 200 video prompts to break down social situations into functional terms including – See more at:

You can get the Social Skill Builder lite for $2.99.  The website says that it includes the first four modules for Social Skill Builder’s unique interactive video, social leaning app.  These 4 modules include a total of more than 40 questions and associated videos (approx 10 each) for the user to view and react to by answering multiple choice questions. These video scenarios are of real interactions of a preschool(Preschool Playtime), a elementary school(My School Day), a middle/high school (School Rules) and a community setting (My Community).

social builder preschoolI love that the there are video clips for every question.  They are short, about 30 seconds to a 1 minute long.  You can always click the “replay” button if students need to see the video again.  After you watch the video, you have to answer a question.  There are usually two correct answers.  The sections have either 10 or 15 questions.  The only bummer is that if you don’t get to the end, the next session you can’t skip ahead past the questions you already answered to get to the new content.  You have to watch the same videos again. The Full VERSION is available here for currently $9.99 Most of the content is geared towards elementary/middle school, but the preschool content that is available is really helpful.

middle school social builder

Social Skill Builder: You Are A Social Detective CD has 6 levels with over 200 video clips to target concepts from the You are a social detective book by Social Thinking. Here are the skills that are targeted in the CD:

6 exciting levels with more than 200 video prompts to break down social situations into functional terms including:

  • Understanding Others’ Comfortable/Uncomfortable Thoughts
  • Understanding Others’ Expected/Unexpected Behaviors
  • Guessing Others’ Thoughts and Emotions
  • Making Smart Guesses
  • Using Your Tool Box Items (Eyes, Ears & Brain)
  • Using Social Mapping

This engaging program is designed for students from ages 7 through 12 years of age.

– See more at:


6 exciting levels with more than 200 video prompts to break down social situations into functional terms including – See more at:

6 exciting levels with more than 200 video prompts to break down social situations into functional terms including:

  • Understanding Others’ Comfortable/Uncomfortable Thoughts
  • Understanding Others’ Expected/Unexpected Behaviors
  • Guessing Others’ Thoughts and Emotions
  • Making Smart Guesses
  • Using Your Tool Box Items (Eyes, Ears & Brain)
  • Using Social Mapping

This engaging program is designed for students from ages 7 through 12 years of age.

– See more at:

6 exciting levels with more than 200 video prompts to break down social situations into functional terms including:

  • Understanding Others’ Comfortable/Uncomfortable Thoughts
  • Understanding Others’ Expected/Unexpected Behaviors
  • Guessing Others’ Thoughts and Emotions
  • Making Smart Guesses
  • Using Your Tool Box Items (Eyes, Ears & Brain)
  • Using Social Mapping

This engaging program is designed for students from ages 7 through 12 years of age.

– See more at: Skill Builder: You Are A Social Detective is an interactive CD-rom that has 6 different levels with over 200 video prompts that is aligned with the book You Are A Social Detective book.  The cool thing about this CD is that you can have the kids look for non-verbal language clues with real video.  Some of the video clips have younger students, so your middle school crowd may not like it, but when I tried it out with my life skills class and my students on the autism spectrum, they didn’t seem to notice or care.  Some of my “socially resistant” students were very engaged and participated more than usual when I pulled this material out for their session.Here are all the skills that are targeted:Understanding Others’ Comfortable/Uncomfortable Thoughts

  • Understanding Others’ Comfortable/Uncomfortable Thoughts
  • Understanding Others’ Expected/Unexpected Behaviors
  • Guessing Others’ Thoughts and Emotions
  • Making Smart Guesses
  • Using Your Tool Box Items (Eyes, Ears & Brain)
  • Using Social Mapping

I found this very helpful for when I ran my lunch bunch groups and when I pushed into the Special Day Classroom to do a whole class lesson.  It kept my students attention and they were able to discuss the non-verbal body language that was exhibited in the video scenes.  This product incorporates various levels and provides answer choices for the questions, which is helpful for students that struggle with expressive language.  I think this is a wonderful resource if you have an elementary/middle school caseload as you could use it with many grade levels.

Check out this DEMO on their website to see what the CD is like before purchasing.  Some of the videos have younger students in them, but my middle school students didn’t seem to mind when viewing. There is a lot of content to help mix up your therapy sessions, so it is definitely something that I think is worth the investment. There are a lot of other materials on their website that look amazing!  What resources do you use to target social skills? (541)


What’s in my cart? LINKY PARTY- TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale!

whatsinyourcartlinky2Jenna over at Speech Room News is hosting her fun “What’s in your cart? Linky Party” before the big teachers pay teachers sale!  The Teacher Appreciation sale is May 5-6 and you can get up to 28% off all products with the COUPON CODE: Thank you.  I know it is the end of the year, but this is a perfect to snatch up some goodies that you can prep over summer to have ready at the start of the new year!  SLP’s in my district have an extended contract beyond the school year, so I am going to be prepping and organizing my materials and room as well as do all the fun PAPERWORK!

Head over to Speech Room News to see what everyone is stocking up on!

My assignment is changing next year…..I am going back to elementary with a sprinkling of preschool next year.  I have mixed emotions because those knuckle head middle schoolers actually grew on me.  I know I will be heading back over to that age level later in my life, but for now, I want HUGS and “we love speech” every day. Quite frankly, I love puppets, singing Raffi and playing with play dough. Most of my new purchases will be stocking up for my new assignment!

Here are some new additions from my store:

Interactive FLIPBOOK:  Making Social Inferences

Interactive FLIPBOOK for Making Social Inferences is perfect for your crowd working on social perspective.  Just laminate and use with a dry erase marker (it’s a magical tool that any middle schooler loves).

flipbooksMy newest interactive flipbooks have been such a hit with my students!  I just laminate, hole punch and clip together with binder rings.  Use a dry erase marker and get in TONS of articulation practice. I even made a VERB book as well. You can grab S,L,R-blends flipbooks, s,z flipbooks,  f,v flipbooks,Final Consonant Deletion Flipbooks, K,G flipbooks, SH, CH, DJ flipbooks, R- initial & R-blends flipbooks, and All about Verbs flipbooks.

That said, my cart is FILLED with preschool/elementary level goodies.  Here is what I have to buy:

Grab N' Go Action Words

I love Live Love Speech’s newest grab n’ go series!  I need more Grab N’ Go Action activities for my little ones, so this will be perfect.  Planning on prepping this at the end of the year! It has visuals and it is interactive because you can use magnetic chips or bingo markers with it!!


I have several /r/ students at my charter elementary and I know I will have more s,l, & th next year, so I had to snag this from Rock N’ Roll Articulation BUNDLE /s,r,l th/.

Grammar Clips

I love how interactive this set is from The Speech Bubble SLP.  Always have little ones working on grammar, so I am snagging Grammar Clips to add to my stash!  I have a bunch of clothes pins from the dollar store that I will use.

Story in a Can: A DIY for Narratives!

Love this product from Busy Bee Speech.  Looking forward to using Story In A Can next year in therapy as well as a dynamic assessment or progress monitoring tool for oral narration.

Fast Pace Race: Articulation Challenge for S and Z

I love challenges and this is the perfect addition to my artic stash!  Fast Pace Race Articulation Challenge for s,z from Small Talk SLP is perfect for kids competing against themselves and will help with carryove

What’s in your cart for the BIG sale? Head over to Speech Room News to see what lots of other bloggers are planning to buy!! (1306)


Chicken Soup For The SLP SOUL: Funny Edition LINKY PARTY!!

chicken soup graphics linky partyMay is Better Speech and Hearing Month! Time to celebrate our profession and share with others about what we do on a daily basis.  Since the Chicken Soup for the SLP soul was a gigantic hit, I decided I needed to plan another fun chicken soup story adventure.   I loooooooovvveeeee me a funny SLP story.  That’s why I planned this fun linky party, so you can read MANY funny SLP stories from the field.

To participate, just write a blog post with your crazy, hilarious SLP moment, add my graphic in your blog post and link up at the bottom of the post!

Now….time to tell ONE of  my most recent SLP stories working at the middle school.

It’s the middle of the school year and I am feeling quite comfortable with my middle school students.  The incentives have worked and now we all have a connection (I give all credit to hot cheetos and youtube). Imagine me doing therapy with two middle school aged boys.  One working on fluency strategies and the other a hard of hearing (HOH) young man working on /sh,ch,s,z/.

At the beginning of the session  I usually do a “check in”, “hey, how’s it going?”, “yes, this is happening….we are going to practice speech today” and “yes, you will probably have to read something” kind of thing happening.  At some point in the conversation, the topic veers off into teenager land (this often happens in my room) and it’s all talk about the fight that happened earlier in the day.

As I am trying to reel them back in, I hear my HOH student say something like “I would have said BISH back off me.”  He meant to say “bitch”.  No sooner had he said, when out pops from my mouth “If you are going to say THAT word, at least say it with a good CH (we had been practicing that sound for weeks now).”

My students says “You mean bitCH.”

“Yes, THANK YOU,” I exclaim with a slight tone of annoyance.  oh dear, I just allowed my student to say “bitch” IN my therapy room………. “What is wrong with you Felice!?”…..”You are definitely turning into a teenager, no  filter”….”What if his auntie gets mad”….the list of anxious thoughts continued to flood my brain.  Not to mention that my face reeked with that guilty “oops” facial expression.  My two boys started laughing and calling me out for my bad behavior.  I of course, chuckled and then apologized.  It was an accident!

This was clearly a lesson of me trying to show my students that NO MATTER what word they wanted to say, it must be with concise speech sounds, so that all listening partners could understand the whole message.  That’s my motto and I’m stickin’ to it (but please, don’t tell anyone that I did that)!!

Alrighty, I would love to hear your FUNNY SLP stories.  Link up below and share a funny memory that happened to you in grad school or out in the field as an SLP.


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