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Speechie TPT LOVE is in the air: Valentine’s day TPT Round Up!

TPT valentine loveValentine’s day is just around the corner and it is a great theme to use in your speech room!  There are TONS of materials on TPT that will fit your caseloads needs.  I asked all my TPT/blogger friends to help me out by sharing their Valentine’s day resources in their TPT stores.  I have categorized their free and paid products by target area, so it is easy shopping for you!!  Check out all the great resources I found for you!


Valentine Heart Challenge FREEBIE

Valentine Cupcake Game FREEBIE r-blends- Reading & speech therapy Grades 1st-8th

Sweet Cupcake Game for Articulation R & Vocalic R

Sweet Cupcake for Articulation L, s-blends, TH, SH, CH, S,Z

Sweet Cupcake Game R, S, L-blends

Multisyllabic Hearts

Bugs and Kisses Preschool Articulation Activities

Articulation Valentine Scratch off cards practice for F, K,G,L,S,SH

Action Articulation Valentine Themed Homework Sheets FREEBIE

Valentine Sock Monkey Articulation

Valentine Fortunes for Speech Therapy

Valentine Robots Prevocalic r and r-blends for Speech Therapy FREEBIE

Speech Therapy Sneaky Cupid Memory Game

Valentine Monster Articulation P, B, M

Valentine Multi-syllable Hearts

Valentine’s Day Articulation Bilablials

Puppy Love Quick Drill for Articulation or Fluency Therapy RTI

Valentine’s Day Quick Drill for Articulation or Fluency Therapy RTI

Save Ink: Valentine’s Day Themed Articulation L, R, S, TH, V

Be Mine for Phonological Processes CVCVC/CVCV

Bear-y Good Speech Articulation Practice Sheet R FREEBIE

Bear-y Good Speech Articulation Practice Sheets R, TH, S, S-blends

I Want Candy! for Articulation of R, S, Z, L, SH, CH, J

Valentine Friends Awesome Articulation Worksheets 720 words

Mystery Pictures for Speech & Language Valentine’s Day


You’ve Got Love Mail Language Pack Grades 2-5

Sweet Sucker Synonyms Match Up Grades 4-8

Sweet Homophones Leveled Freebie Grades 1st-5th

Valentine Prepositions Grades prek-2nd

Ultimate Figurative Language Pack for Upper Level Students Grades 6-12

Valentine’s Day Same and Different Prek-1st

Multiple Meaning Mail Grades 2nd-8th

Category Puzzles: A Fun Valentine’s Day Language Activity Grades prek-5th

What Goes Together Valentine Association Puzzles Grades prek-6th

Valentine Pencials: A Language Processing Pack Grades K-3rd

Valentine’s Day Glyphs Grades K-4th

Valentine’s Day Receptive Language Grades 2nd-5th

Valentine’s Day Expressive Language Grades 1st-5th

Hear it, See it, Say, Valentine Seek and Find Grades prek-6th

Valentine Craftivity: Speech is like a box of chocolates for older students Grades 4th-10th

Words from my heart: An exercise in kindness & using good descriptions FREEBIE Grades 1st-12th

I Heart Homophones Leveled Vocabulary for older students Grades 4-10th

Guess My Valentine & Your Heart is in the Right Place Barrier Game Grades 1st-5th

Interactive Vocabulary Books for Valentine’s Day Grades Prek-1st

Valentine Language Pack Grades K-5

Vocab. Bugs for Speech Therapy FREEBIE Grades 2nd-5th

Valentine’s Day Compare/Contrast Fun FREEBIE Grades 1st-4th

We All LOVE Language Valentine Language Packet Grades Prek-4th

Valentine’s Day Listening Fun Grades Prek-6th

Valentine’s Day Synonyms or Antonyms FREEBIE Grades 2nd-6th

Valentine’s Day Early Language File Folder Activities Grades Prek-1st

Figurative Language Valentine’s Day Grades 3rd-7th

Valentine’s Day Cute Cupcake Categories Divergent-Convergent Naming Grades prek-8th

Guess My Valentine and Your Heart is in the Right Place Barrier Game Grades 1st-5th

Hear it, See it, Say it Valentine Seek and Find Grades prek-6th

I Heart Homophones Leveled Vocabulary for Older Students Grades 5th-10th

Valentine’s Day Same and Different Grades prek-1st

Valentine BINGO Riddles Grades prek-4th

February Calendar Activities for Language Grades 1st-5th

What Am I? February Edition: A Describing Game Grades prek-5th

Sweet Treats Valentine Slam Grades prek-2nd

I Want Candy for Language including wh-questions and how questions Grades 1st-4th

Love Bugs Synonyms Grades 1st-3rd

Valentine Pairs: A Synonym Packet Grades 5th-12th

Lost Letters: A Valentines Day Inferencing Activity Grades Prek-1st

Valentine Fun Facts ePack NO PREP Interactive Grades 3rd-10th

February Holiday Themed Language Activities K-3rd

Heart Train of Multiple Meaning Words FREEBIE Grades 1st-6th

Auditory Memory Candy and Sweets Grades 1st-6th

Formulating Candy Questions Grades 1st-5th

Following Directions

Valentine Monster Following 123 Step Directions

Valentine’s Day Recipe FREEBIE


Valentine’s Day Verbalicious Cupcake Fun Grades 1-4

Pack of Pronouns: Winter & Valentine’s Day Edition FREEBIE Grades prek-2nd

Speech Therapy: Pronouns, Verbs & Prepositions for Valentine’s Day Grades Prek-1st

Parts of Speech Picture Cards: Valentine’s Day Freebie Grades 1st-5th

February Sentence Scramble Fun with Syntax Grades 3rd-8th

Valentine’s Day Pronouns HE, SHE, THEY, HIM, HER, HIS, THEIRS, THEM Grades prek-3rd

Valentine Complex Sentence Builder Grades 2nd-12th

Valentine’s Day Verb Match Grades Prek-5th

Speech & Language Bundles

You’ve Got Love Mail Mega Bundle (Categories, Grammar & Language)

Valentine’s Day Print N’ Go Speech and Language Activities Prek-4th

Valentine’s Day Speech & Language Bundle Grades Prek-3rd

February Homework Packet for Speech & Language Therapy Grades prek-8th

Broken Hearted Speech & Language Activities Grades 3-6th

Valentine Bundle: Speech & Language Ultimate Vday Bundle Grades Prek-6

Prek Valentine’s Day Speech, Language and Articulation Unit Grades prek-1st

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue- Idioms for Older Students Grades 7th-12th

Valentine’s Day Fun Pack for Speech/Language Therapy or Classroom Fun Grades prek-5th

Valentines NO PREP Speech Therapy Activities Grades K-5th

Social Skills

Pin the Conversation on the Heart Grades K-6th

Social Valentine Perspective Taking Grades 5th-12th

Valentine’s Day Pragmatics Grades 1st-5th

Words from my Heart: An Exercises in Kindness/Using Good Descriptions FREEBIE Grades 1st-12th

Social Language and Color Match Conversation Hearts Game FREEBIE Grades prek-1st

February Valentine Speech Therapy Bundle- Social Language Vocabulary Grades K-6th

Choose the Right Valentine: Critical Thinking Activity Grades 3-6th

Open Ended Games

Valentine’s Day Themed Open Ended FREEBIE games

Valentine Game Board FREEBIE

Valentine Candy Speech FREEBIE


Very Valentine Open Ended Game Boards and Activities Grades Prek-8th

Print N’ Play Valentine’s Day Grades Prek-6th

Book Companions

Love Monster: Speech & Language Book Companion Grades 1st-5th

There was an old lady who swallowed a rose Grades prek-2nd

There was an old lady who swallowed a rose book companion pack Grades Prek-1st

Happy Valentine’s Day Little Critter Book Companion Grades prek-2nd

Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch Book Companion Grades 2nd-6th

The Day It Rained Hearts Book Companion Grades prek-2nd

Love Splate Book Companion Grades 1st-3rd

The Night Before Valentine’s Day: A Book Companion for Language Grades K-3rd


Sweet Treat Craftivity FREEBIE

Somebody loves you Mr. Hatch FREEBIE craftivity

My Heart Loves (insert speech sound) to pieces FREEBIE craftivity

Valentine Craftivity Worksheets

LOVE Bug Valentine’s Day Craftivity

Valentine Craftivity: Speech is like a box of chocolate for older students Grades 4th-10th

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine gift tag for nail polish for co-workers & teachers

Valetine for co-workers & teachers: You is KIND, you is SMART, you is IMPORTANT

Read my lips Valentine for students, teachers and co-workers

Clip Art

Valentine’s Day Candy Heart Clip Art Set FREEBIE

Hope this post helped you out with therapy planning!  We would love to see your therapy in action on Instagram! (2669)


SLP MUST HAVES: 10 songs you MUST HAVE on your playlist to BOOST your mood!

SLP must have musicSo you had a bad day?  Or maybe a couple bad weeks?  Of maybe a bad year (I sure hope not)?  Working in education is not all roses and hugs (you know what I am talking about).  So, I have to find a way to push through all the YOU KNOW WHAT and keep moving toward the goal (serving my students).  For myself, music is an outlet that I use to help inspire my creativity, let go of stress, keep me focused on a task and to entertain my soul.  Research is finding more and more that listening to music can help reduce depression, help stroke victims recover more quickly, provide pain relief, lower blood pressure and help with our immune system.  I know when I have had a TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY, music (and prayers) usually boost my mood.

If you are an SLP, a bad day has probably come your way!  There are so many rewarding parts of our job and with all the blessings, rough turns do happen from time to time in our job.  The best medicine is getting out all the anguish and frustration in whatever way fits your style.  For me, blasting some tunes or working out with some fun music is what I do to get all the anxiety, depression, frustration, angry and all the other yucky feelings OUT OF MY SYSTEM because it only holds ME down.  So, I compiled a list of fancy, fun, and fabulous music to help boost your mood when you are in a rut!

1.  Sara bareilles is one of those song writers that tells it like it is.  I love blasting her single King of Anything when I have encountered a person that thinks she/he is entitled share unsolicited advice or two cents on how to handle a situation or my caseload for that matter.

2. Karen from The Speech Umbrella rocks out to her play list “this too shall pass” when the job has become overwhelming.  Michael Jackson’s “Scream” song is a great song to blast when you are feeling LOTS of pressure.

3.  Rachel from Queen’s Speech likes to jam out to Blake Shelton’s song “Some Beach” because it helps her to think about something else other than the BAD DAY!  Check out the video HERE!

4. Speech2U loves rockin’ Paramore‘s Ain’t it Fun song when she is having a bad day. I usually blast this song on the way to work when I don’t want to go because we are all stuck living in the real world and have to go to work!  Someone has to pay the bills.

5.  SLPrunner loves jammin’ to Bob Marley’s  Three Little Birds when she is feeling stressed out with her workload!

6.  I will admit it!  I love blasting Taylor Swift’s single “Shake It off” and so does Rock Chalk Speeech Talk because it has a great beat and it is a wonderful reminder to just let go of all the garbage that life can bring.  Shakin’ off all the politics in education is the best way to go!

7.  Twin Speech Language and Literacy puts on Christina Aguilera’s song  Fighter when they need a little reminder that they can “survive” and make it through another day in life.

8. Figuratively Speeching SLP enjoys blasting Kelly Clarkson’s song “What doesn’t kill you makes you STRONGER” when she needs a pep talk when trials come her way.

9. Although this song is about a guy that hasn’t been that great to his gal, this song I blasted a lot last year when I had 80 on my caseload and nobody from the district office was helpin’ a sister out! I love blasting Done by The Band Perry when I am tired of dealing with shenanigans.

10. Autumn Bryant loves blasting Fall Out Boy’s “I Don’t Care”



Quick Tips from The Dabbling Speechie!

quick tips 1If you aren’t following me on INSTAGRAM, you need to get on there!  I share lots of photos about my therapy, life, new products and of course “quick tips” to help you maximize your organization and therapy skills!  Here are some of my “quick tips” I have been sharing lately! (Amazon affiliate links included for your convenience)

1922208_621904217932763_4995042945632956848_nI found these magnet hooks on amazon and decided to grab them!  You get 8 for under $10 and they stick on my filing cabinet very securely.  I am now hanging task card decks, my artic word lists and any other visuals that I frequently use for easy access and clutter free storage!

2014-12-30 22.16.28I like to stick all my themed materials in one spot for easy access!  I just discovered these Globe Weis Poly Zip Envelopes and they are perfect!  They are bigger than plastic bags and you can close them up with a zipper.  They are pretty sturdy plastic, so I am not worried they will rip.

2014-09-21 09.39.54Plastic pocket pouches from amazon has made prepping for therapy a breeze!  As most of you know, I love print n’ go materials (Make packets for every season!) and I don’t always want to make tons of copies of the same worksheet.  These pouches allow me to use dry erase marker, so I can re-use the worksheet for many groups!!  And my middle school kids LOVE dry erase markers.


quick tip 2Preserve your stash of file folders by writing the file folder name on a post it note.  Insert the post it into the file, so you don’t have any writing on the folder.

quick tip 1I store lots of my TPT materials in bins and in my filing cabinet.  I forget to use materials if they are tucked away, so I bought a bin from the dollar store to put all the themed materials in one spot.  Then I can grab and go for therapy without digging around for materials that I want!!

Those are my “quick tips” for now.  Watch for more fun ideas and tricks the next few months!  Email me photos of your “genius” slp tips and tricks at and I will feature your idea!! (991)


Winter Therapy ideas for Middle & High School Students

winter therapy ideas middle schoolJust because I work at the middle school level doesn’t mean I can’t plan cool themes for my kiddos (yes, my teenagers are still MY kiddos).  It is nice to align activities to seasons because it is relevant to them in the present day!  Some of my students go up to the snow during the winter and the material is more motivating.  You just have to find creative and more mature ways to present the information, so they think it’s cool.  I use a lot of technology with my middle school students and it helps make the activity feel more grown up and modern.  Google and youtube are my best friends!

google and youtube winterThe Expressive Expanding Tool has been great for some of my students to work on describing items and using the tool as a pre-write.  I just type in specific words in google and use the images to show students the vocabulary word.  If they still don’t know what I am talking about, I look it up on youtube to show them a video.  In the picture above, we were describing a snow blower.  Snow blowers are a bit foreign to us Sacramento folk as we have to drive 2 hours to get to snow!

Did you watch the show America’s Funniest Home Videos when you were a kid?  I can’t believe it’s still on the air, but it is!  I used to love watching that show.  Well, I discovered that there are video clips on youtube from that show and decided to try it out in therapy!  They have some great winter clips!  Here are my ideas for how you can use these clips in therapy:

I have a group of boys that crack jokes and laugh the WHOLE session. They are now working on controlling themselves during my lesson, so they can watch some funny videos at the end of the session.  Once they get their work done, I let them laugh away as they watch the videos!!

AFV blog post perspectiveWatch the videos to work on perspective taking and what could be in people’s thought bubbles.

AFV blog post commentsWith my social skills groups we worked on making predictions about what might happen next in the clip, making comments about the clips, thinking of questions we could ask our peers about the clips and my favorite, wait for it…….thinking of empathetic comments we could say to the people who may have fallen or gotten hurt in the video clips.

I had some of articulation students explain what was happening in the video clips using their best sounds!  Have your students write sentences about the video clips using transition words, conjunctions and adjectives to work on creating more complex sentences!  What else could you target with these funny videos? (1588)


Winter Snowy Day Picture Scenes: Open-Ended Reinforcer FREEBIE Activity

Slide1I have a group of kindergarten students working on persisting phonological processes and learning spatial concepts.  This fun freebie covers both these goals, so I can use one material item for everyone!  Don’t you just love when you can do that!?

winter picture scene blog postPrint these picture scenes on cardstock or glue to construction paper and/or a file folder for durability.

winter picture scene blog post 2Laminate for durability.  I glued my snowballs onto old file folders and cut out.

winter picture scene blog post 3Use the snowball fight scene to reinforce any skill.  Every time a student practices his/her target, they get to throw a snowball at a kid until all the kids have been hit!  Of course you can always use this picture scene to have kids practice describing kids by attributes and actions!

winter scene blog post 3Use the blank picture scene to fill up with kids doing different snow activities. This can be a language lesson or used as a reinforcer after practicing their sound!

Grab my Winter Snowy Day Picture Scenes FREEBIE in my store!



Q & A: Activities to work on conversation and interview skills

question and answer cover sheet

You can grab this activity pack on my TPT store!

At my middle school placement, I push in to the SDC functional skills classes to work on social skills and functional communication.  Most of the students in these classes have Intellectual Disabilities, but they are all verbal with some needing visual supports to help them make novel utterances.  It is pretty tough planning lessons for this bunch because there are various levels, so some need visuals and the lessons have to be middle school friendly even though most of the students are functioning around a 1st-2nd grade academic level.

As a team, we have been picking themes for the week and/or month to help guide our lesson planning.  I did these activities back at the beginning of the school year and then tried to make this pack more formal, so I could save the lesson plans for next year!

My kids are too young for practicing job interview questions, but I thought they still needed to work on how to ask/answer questions in conversation with peers and in more formal situations like talking with the PRINCIPAL!  Yes, my students were able to formally interview the principals using the “favorite” question guide.  There are three activities in this pack: greetings, turn taking in conversation with peers, and job interview skills.  I include a lesson plan with links to youtube videos that support these skills.  I have several students on the autism spectrum, so these videos are perfect for video modeling (evidenced based practice)!

First, I show the class the youtube video.  I embedded the greetings video that I found to give you an example.  Then, we break up into groups, or stay as a whole class to discuss expected vs. unexpected behaviors.  I will have the students and staff role play and the class rates if the students were expected or unexpected.expected unexpected q and aHere is an example of my “rate my communication” forms that I made!

I put velcro on one of my clear vinyl dry erase pouches to use with my expected vs. unexpected file folder activities.  These are great to do during the lesson and then allow the teacher to use them the rest of the week with students.  Some of my students can read well, so there is a sheet with just words and then a sheet with visual supports for those that need help with reading the words.

This video is perfect for showing turn taking with peers and seeing that other people are having thoughts about us when we are talking!  I loved this video!  My kids practiced asking each other about their favorite things and working on making comments too.  This was a great activity to help lead into asking/answering questions in a more formal setting.

question and answer visualsThere are visuals for asking and answering questions with peers about their favorite things.  I also included Q and A visuals, to help some of my kids understand who should be asking the question and who is answering the question.

I showed the job interview video to talk about what to do during a job or formal interview.  My kids aren’t ready for practicing for job interviews, but I wanted them to try to practice talking with someone in a formal setting.  So, I asked my principals if they would be willing to help and they said “yes!”.  We have a follow up appointment coming soon to re-interview them.  We talked about how greetings with adults and professionals are different compared to their peers.  We also practiced what kind of body language we need to have during the interview.  I filmed them all and then we got to critique everyone’s performance!

I loved all these lessons and I hope you do too!!  The first three peeps to comment below with some cool activities you have been doing in your speech room, will get this pack for FREE! (931)


Speech Violation Cards: A Fun & FREE Behavior Management Idea

Slide1I have a small elementary caseload that I am covering this year.  Most of my cuties have articulation goals, so we try to get LOTS of productions in during the session.  I see a couple of them for a 5 minute articulation session and then another time during the week in a group.  It is imperative that we stay focused during those sessions because I want lots of practice going on with these students, so that they can meet their goals.  If one little lady or gent begins to get off task aka silly, then it affects the productivity of the whole group.  After giving warnings and many “please, stop talking, messing around, getting out of your seat, etc.”, an idea popped in my head (this happens from time to time, lol).  All of a sudden, I blurt out, the next time I have to ask you to stop__________,  you will have a speech fine and owe me 10 words to practice.  Well, the next time came and I said “you just got a speech fine.”  Read off 10 of your words.  It worked!  I got 10 productions (woot!) and the rest of the session went without a speech fine or off task behavior.

speech fines blogThroughout the next couple of weeks, from time to time, I had to give some speech fines.  It was great because I was able to call the student on their behavior, give a quick consequence that ultimately benefited the student (speech practice) and then move on without causing a big reprimand.  Now the kids know, if they mess around, they will owe me with more speech practice.

speech fines in a deckOver break I was able to make these cards to use in my groups.  I am just going to put them in a stack near the table and hand them out as needed.  What I love the most is you don’t know which card you may get, which can mean 10 word production fine or a 60 word production fine!  I also included language fines as well as a sheet of blank speech violation cards, so you can customize as needed!  What do you think?  Would this work for one of your groups?

Grab this Behavior Management freebie HERE!

What tricks and tips do you have when it comes to behavior management with your speech kiddos?  I would love for you to share!  Email me at with your insights.



SLP “Must Haves”: 15 blog posts you MUST read from 2014!

15 SLP must havesI am starting a new series called SLP “must haves” where I share resources and materials that you MUST HAVE if you are an SLP.  So, for my first post of this series, I wanted to recap some blog posts that I think you MUST read from 2014!  Take some time while sipping a hot beverage and check them out.  It is inspiring to read what other SLP’s are doing in their job setting!  I like to follow lots of blogs on Bloglovin’ because I can quickly scroll through lots of blogs in one place to find posts that may spark my interest or have therapy ideas for my students.  Soooooo, in no particular order, here are my recommendations of 15 PRETTY DARN GREAT, SUPER AWESOME, FABULOSO blog posts from 2014.

dearparentsSpeech Time Fun wrote a great “letter” to parents sharing insights from an SLP.  It is a wonderful post to check out if you are a parent with a child who has a speech and/or language disorder.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-27-at-7.30.04-PM-300x224I work with middle school students, so this post from Teach Speech 365 was just what I needed to read because she had a great idea for banishing the ever so dull answer to the question “what did you do over the weekend?”.  Go check it out.  Genius!

iStock_000027402427SmallHave you had a discouraging day as an SLP?  If you said, yes, then you need to read this post from Busy Bee Speech.

Untitled5Allison’s Speech Peeps shared a great post about putting away your data binder from time to time and engaging your students during therapy!  Data is always a must for therapy, but it was very insightful what Nicole discovered when she was filming some of her sessions for feedback.  Go check it out!!

Slide16The Speech Bubble SLP shared some fun little tips and tricks that you can do in your speech room with every day items!  Loved this!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.00.21 PMThis post is for every SLP out there!  I know Queen’s Speech is referring to the 5th year burnout in our jobs as educators, but I need this pep talk yearly!!  She gives some great pointers about finding balance in your life.  One of those great posts that helps remind you that you aren’t the only one pondering if working at Starbuck’s might be the better route to go with your career.

Screenshot-2014-10-18-10.33.19Super Power Speech did a great post about teaching pronouns and how this may be difficult if working with students who are exhibiting gender variance.  I too, come from a long line of non-conforming women, so this was a great read!!

securedownloadThis post from Simply Speech was perfect for me to read because I have a 2 1/2 year old at home.  Although, I don’t work with the super young ones, it is always nice to find ideas on how to expand my own children’s vocabulary.  I wish she posted this earlier in the year because I had some non-verbal kindergarteners last year that would have totally benefited from a photo vocabulary builder book!

SurvivingAlthough I am not in my clinical fellowship year, I really enjoyed reading Let’s Talk Speech Therapy‘s post about “thriving” during your CFY instead of just surviving through it.  As someone who had to start the year off at a new sites, much of her advice applied to me!

Slide1Speech Room News provides some insights and reflections about working as an SLP.  She shares 5 bible scriptures that are important to her.  It was a great reminder about how I want God’s love to shine through me with my students.

stepping out of comfort zone part 1 middle schoolI went back to middle school students this year after being in an elementary setting for the past 3 years.  SLP Natalie Snyders shared a great post about leaving your “comfort zone” and working with middle school students.

Slide12-300x300I think Speechy Musings and I share the same love for Teachers Pay Teachers.  She wrote a great post about why she loves Teachers Pay Teachers.  For those that haven’t taken the plunge in purchasing items, you need to read this!  I know my therapy has improved significantly since I purchased off this site.

photoSLP Runner shares how you can use everyday items to expand language!  This is my kind of therapy.  I love therapy ideas that does not make me prep or go out and buy more items.

Slide11 Speech2U reminded me of how powerful my words can be when speaking with a child or teenager.  It is easy to get impatient with my students and nit pick all the undesirable things that may be going on with them.  Reading this post helped me to remember to highlight positives and strengths in my client before emphasizing the not so great moments.

change of selfMy SLP Self Reflection post was all about the importance of self reflection of your job and therapy!  I included some freebie forms that you can print and fill out!  Halfway through my year, I am depleted of energy.  Self reflecting helps get my positive feelings back into motion!

I am looking forward to a new year and new blog posts from all the fabulous bloggers out there in cyber land.  Blogs have improved my therapy significantly, so I encourage you to continue staying connected with the speechie blogging community. (2747)


Cozy up to a GREAT Book: 10 Books to Read Over Winter Break!

cozy readI haven’t met an SLP yet that doesn’t love reading a good book.  I remember dreaming about the day finals would end, so that I could just sit around and read something for pleasure instead of having my nose stuck in a text book!  After graduate school ended and I started my job in the school setting, I didn’t know what to do with myself after work because I was so used to having to squeeze in study time whenever I had a free moment.

Winter break is here, so I am ready to get cozy in my PJ’s, sip on a hot beverage and read a good book.  I asked some of my blogger peeps what they recommend for book reading and this is the list of  that we came up with!  (Amazon affiliate links are provided for your convenience).

I am just finishing up Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand about a California born track Olympian who was an airman in World War II and became a war prisoner of the Japanese when his plane went down.  It is an incredible story that brought me to tears in some parts.

The Glass House by Jeannette Walls is a memoir about a girl growing up with her parents who lived like nomads in desert towns and eventually move to Virginia in a mining town where the children had to fend for themselves.  It is a great story about tenacity and gives perspective about poverty.

Natalie from SLP Natalie Snyders recommends reading Locked In by John Scalzi.  It is a science fiction type of book about a society dealing with the aftermath of a deadly disease – one that left some of its survivors “locked in,” or with a fully functional brain, but a body that no longer works.

Kristin from Simply Speech recommends Carly’s Voice by Arthur Fleischmann about a father sharing how he got to know his daughter who has severe Autism.  This book is about her journey with communication.

Super Power Speech recommends Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend By: Matthew Dicks.  It is about a boy named Max that is on the spectrum of Autism that has an imaginary friend named Budo that protects him from bullies, situations at school and his teacher from the Learning Center.  This one looks like a good one!

Jenna from Speech Room News recommends Room by Emma Donoghue.  I have also read this book and it is about a woman who was kidnapped and has been stuck in a room with her son (that was fathered by her captor).  This is a page turner for sure!

Jessica from Consonantly Speaking recommends The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.  It is a story told by the wife and four daughters of Nathan Price, a fierce, evangelical Baptist who takes his family and mission to the Belgian Congo in 1959.  Looks like an intense read!

Teach Speech 365 enjoyed reading The Dry Grass of August by Anna Jean Mayhew.  If you like novels about the south and stories about the times during racial segregation, then you might like this one!

Courtney from PSST! Let’s Talk recommends The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen.  The main character, Julia finds the bones of a dead woman in her backyard where she was digging to create a garden.  It looks like a great story for those that like murder mysteries.

Speech Time Fun recommends Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight.  A mother gets a phone call from the school that her daughter Amelia has been suspended for cheating on a test.  When the mom arrives to school, there are police and fire trucks all around.  Grace, Amelia’s best friend reports that Amelia jumped off the top of the school building after being caught cheating.  Amelia’s mom gets a text one day that says “She didn’t jump.”  The mom then goes in search of answers for her daughter’s death.  It’s a good one!  I have read it as well!!

If you are looking for some easy, but entertaining reads, Queen’s Speech recommends digging into the True Blood series by Charlaine Harris.  It is filled with drama, romance and thrill.

If you want to read a book that will get you hooked from the first pages, then you need to read Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn.  This is a thriller that takes you on some twists and turns.  Let me know what you think about the ending!  I read this one very quick because of the thrill factor.
Well, those are my recommendations for now! Happy reading and relaxing time off from work. (2698)


Using “Elf” movie clips in therapy!

elf movie clipsIf you haven’t seen the movie, Elf, you need to rent it this holiday season! This weekend I watched the movie with my family and thought of some ways on how to utilize this movie with my older middle school students.  Here are some of the clips from the movie with my ideas!

Use this clip to identify non-verbal signals that the characters are showing and what message they are sending with their body language.   Have the students generate questions to ask each other in the group about what they thought about the clip and discuss what Buddy should have done when he saw the racoon.

This clip is great for talking about what is in the character’s “thinking” bubbles as well as a way to talk about expected vs. unexpected behaviors at the dinner table.

buddy the elfStudents with language goals can practice describing the “setting” or the “characters” of the movie using the EET tool or an attribute wheel.  I made some visuals for some of my lower kids to help with identifying expected vs. unexpected behaviors.  We also worked on “what are we thinking about Buddy?” with my visual thought bubble.

This clip is hilarious!  If your students haven’t seen this movie, you can target making inferences about what might happen next.  Have the students document clues they see in the clip to help them make social inferences about what the characters are feeling and/or thinking.

This clip has some good expected vs. unexpected behaviors in it!  It is a great way to talk about the expected way to cross the street, go up an escalator and what to do in a bathroom stall.  Buddy does have some expected behavior in this clip as he is walking through the mall.

Do you have any kids on your caseload that like to pick up gum off the ground and eat it!?  Well, I actually work with a student that I caught doing that at lunch.  This is a great clip to show and talk about why it’s gross to pick up gum/food off the ground to eat.  Kids can share what’s in their “thinking” bubble when they see Buddy eating gum off the subway railing.

I love this scene because the other person on the elevator has some great non-verbal signals about how he is feeling.  Buddy also does one expected behavior on the elevator, but overall, everything he does in this clip would make someone really annoyed!!  Students that need to work on articulation carryover can retell the story clip while practicing their speech sounds!

Hope you can use these in your therapy room for the last couple days of school!  My kids stayed engaged and enjoyed watching all of Buddy’s shenanigans!! (2669)

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