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All About VERBS: Print N’ Go Flashcards

Slide1I always manage to have at least one kiddo working on grammar/morphology and building vocabulary.  Well, I have a little friend on my caseload working on pronoun + is/are + present progress and thought I would make a flashcard pack for VERBS.  My two other students in the group have phonology goals, so this way everyone in the group can do a similar activity that targets their goals.

all about verbs 1Have the students play charades with their flashcards or color while you target answering “who” action questions.  I love how I can incorporate other vocabulary from the pictures and adjectives if the students color the people in!

all about verbs 2This next set of flashcards requires a little bit of prep.  These are cut n’ glue present progressive verb flashcards.  There are 20 “action” cards for “HE”, “SHE” and “THEY”.  So, you are able to target pronouns, is/are verb agreement and present progressive!  The student finds the action and then glues it to the correct sentence.  Once he has glued all his cards, you can hole punch and send home for review or store in the speech room as a warm up activity.

There is a template for students to make “action” books too.  Add this set to your speech therapy material toolbox.

You can grab this pack in my TPT store!

Enter my giveaway below for your chance to win a copy! Three lucky peeps will win this for their caseload!!
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A Quick Tip from The Dabbling Speechie: A way to organize product covers & clipart links


quick tip oneIf you are a blogger and/or have a TPT store, you will want to know this “quick tip” that works for me with storing clip artists product links.  Most clip artists want you to link back to their store in your product credits (it is part of their terms of use), so I decided to keep their graphic logos in a powerpoint presentation with a hyperlink.  This way I can quickly link to their store in my products by just cutting and pasting into the product!

Graphic Links for quick tipEach product I make has different clipart, so I don’t always give credit to the same artists.  I also have MY product covers and links saved in my power point, so I add a few to the end credits for buyers to check out what else is in my store.

credits page for quick tipIf you are considering opening a TPT store, this is a great way to end your products, so buyers can stay connected with you in the future.  I include a link to my blog and all the social media sites that I am on.  How do you stay organized with all your graphics? (199)


Hoot Owl Hoot! A fun cooperative learning therapy game

hoot owl hootI am a BIG fan of Peaceable Kingdom and love using their cooperative games in therapy.  Instead of having one winner for a game, these cooperative games are designed to have all the players to work as a team against a common obstacle.  Essentially, the “team” either wins or loses the mission/obstacle, rather than one kiddo winning and the rest feeling bummed that they lost!  Most of my students can handle losing at a game, but I always seem to have 1-2 students that winning/losing is REALLY hard for them.  I have had to take “game” breaks to help avoid melt downs and arguing in therapy.

hoot owl kidsThese cooperative games are a great win-win for all parties involved because the therapist gets to bring in a fun game and it squashes fighting and hurt feelings that come with “losing” a game.

If you love amazon like ME, then you can snag this game on there or go head over to Peaceable Kingdom’s website to check out all their cooperative games.

hoot owl visual 2The object of the game is help the young owls get home to their nest before the sun rises!  You have to get all the owls back before it becomes morning, so you are racing against the sun!!  You can adapt the level of difficulty by using less/more owls in the game.

hoot owl game visualThere are sun cards and different colored cards that students take turns picking.  The students have to make a decision about which owl they are going to move along the game board.  If you pick a sun card it goes on the top where the sun spaces are located.  If the players get sun cards to fill all the spaces, the team loses the game because they weren’t able to get all the howls back to the nest.

Why I love this game:

-I LOVE that the directions are printed in the box, so I don’t have to worry about losing them.

-This is a cooperative game, so it eliminates players from being the “loser”.  Everyone wins or everyone loses.  I have a student right now, who is learning about being flexible about winning/losing, so this game allows me to still bring something fun in without the break downs.

-The graphics are bright and fun, which is motivating for my students.

-It’s green!  They used recyclable products to make this game.  Always a win-win when a product is helping reduce waste.

-Easy to store and travel with from site to site.  The box is like a typical board game box, but it isn’t heavy and the box is pretty thin, so it is easy to stick in a bag to carry and go.


How to use in therapy:

-This is a great game to play as a reinforcer for any speech or language target.

-Practice turn taking and working in a group.

-This game helps with planning and executive functioning.  Students have to make decisions about what move they should make.  Have your students explain their reasoning for wanting to make a certain move.

-Teach colors while playing this game as all the spaces are different colors.

-Work on the basic concepts “first, last”, “in front, behind” “near,far” “more/less” and “above, below”.  Talk about which owls are first/last, near the nest or far away from the nest, etc.

-This game is great for teaching social skills with younger kids.  Prior to planning the game, map out expected vs. unexpected behaviors when working in a group together.  It is important to discuss kind/not kind comments to make when someone is sharing their opinion or reason for a game strategy.  This game works on flexible thinking and accepting someone else’s idea (a skill we continue to use into adulthood).  Problem solving and discussing how to disagree with someone’s idea in an expected way can also be targeted.

Prior to playing the game, read a book or article about owls.  Compare/contrast an owl to another animal and use attributes to describe a nest, sun, and owl.  Play the game after the language lesson as a reinforcer!

-Target whole body listening and see how your student does in a more “relaxed” activity with keeping his/her body and brain in the group.  Great time to take some informal data!

This is a fabulous game!  I love how it can be adapted for various age levels, so it can be used with many of your therapy caseload.  What do you think?

I am giving away 2 copies of this game on instagram!!  To enter, FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM, regram my photo of the game and/or tag a friend to enter!! (299)


What’s in my cart? TPT “Super hero” sale!!


Speech Room News is hosting a “What’s in my cart?” TPT Linky Party, so we can all get our shopping carts ready for the big SUPER HERO TPT Sale on February 25th!  It’s ONLY for ONE day, so you can’t miss it.  Click on the photo above head over to Jenna’s website to see what other bloggers have in their carts!


Use code: HEROES when you check out to get 28% off your entire purchase!

Here are a some fun seasonal activities you can snag from my store!

original-639489-1I have several book companions that are great to read during Spring season.  Move Over Rover is one of my favs!!  Check out the rest of my companions HERE!

Slide1My latest pack is going to help me out the WHOLE month of March with my two little ones working on basic concept goals.  We are going to have fun with his pack!

artic key ringsMy Print N’ Go Phonology Flashcards has been a great resource for my therapy room.  I have been using them as warm ups, sending home for home practice and using as stimulus card items while playing games!  Totally helpful for when crazy IEP season starts.

original-1128785-1Spring is around the corner, which means LOTS of assessments, paperwork and IEP’s are coming!  Springtime No Prep Speech & Language Activities to make therapy planning easier with less time to get everything prepped!

Now, this is what’s in my cart to purchase!

original-1701813-1Sublime Speech made these fun articulation strips and I need them for my /r/ students!!  I love that they have sentence level, which is helpful for carryover!


The Speech Bubble SLP has a very fun activity to work on figurative language that I want to use with my middle school crowd.

original-1498961-1SLPrunner has a great pack for problem solving, safety and perspective taking that I want for my social groups over at the middle school!

I have a couple of kids with fluency goals, so I wanted to pick up this great resource from Busy Bee Speech.

Hope you stock up for the rest of the year!  Grab some amazing resources to help you with your caseload.  I know when I find exciting activities to use with my students, it makes the work day go by a little easier.  So, what’s in your cart? (715)


Gotcha Leprechaun: Basic Concept Activities

Slide1This is my first St. Patty’s day themed activities packed and I am SUPER excited to use it with my little kindergarten group.  I have 2 little ones with basic concept goals, so I thought using a “leprechaun” theme would be fun.  All little ones love going on a leprechaun hunt.

You can grab this pack on my TPT store!

This pack has a lot of fun interactive activities that could be completed as a group lesson or used in language centers.  I love how adaptable this pack is because the main focus is to work on basic concepts, but you can also cover grammar, describing and creating a story with my picture scene.

st. patty's basic concepts 1I created 36 basic concept cards that students get to feed to “Lucky O’ Malley” after they follow the direction.  I also made 18 pairs of basic concept cards that can be used with “go fish”, “memory” or with the “flash light”.  Game cards are included in which the student to collect the MOST gold coins wins!  Have students follow a direction with the gold coin card with items around your speech and/or classroom.

st. patty's gotcha 2Students explain where the leprechaun is located.  If they get it right, they get to “catch” the leprechaun and put a “gotcha” card over him.  If they don’t get the answer right, then they were “tricked”.

st. patty's fun 3Lucky O’ Malley is coming to our speech room this month!  He is going to be making messes all over the place.  I made an interactive book to work on above, below, in front, and behind.  There are also two classroom picture scenes with different St. Patty’s day themed items.  The student gets to decorate the room and then explain where are the items are located!  You can also do this task receptively where you or another student give the person directions about where to put items.  There are a couple more goodies in the pack!  I loved all the clipart that I found for this.  My little movers are going have fun practicing language concepts this month.  What do you have planned? (539)


What do I get if I win the game?: An idea to nip that question in the bud!

what do I win.pptxOver the years as an SLP, when I have pulled out a game, I have experienced the typical “So, what do we GET if we win the game?” from time to time.  Of course, I always respond “A smile, high five and great job!”  Usually, that nipped that question in the bud and the kids figured out that we were going to play games just to play games because they are a FUN activity to do.  When I was working with elementary students, that question didn’t bother me.  I guess I just expected it to happen from time to time because smaller kids say whatever is on their minds.

Now that I am working with middle school, it truly annoys me when one of my gen. ed/RSP students says “What are you going to give me if I win?”  I think it’s because they are old enough to know that saying things like that can come across “rude”, “greedy” and “ungrateful”. I figure they either don’t understand that concept yet or they don’t care that they are making that impression.  A couple of students asked me that question when I pulled out a game, I replied with my game winning response “A smile, high five and great job!”  The student didn’t get the message.  Next week rolls around and the question is asked AGAIN!  I repeated my famous line and then said “Don’t you play games at home just for fun with your family?”  Of course the student responds “No.”

The fun questions don’t just stop when we play games.  I have had middle schoolers ask me this year “So, what do I get if I finish this worksheet?” or “Do I get a bag of chips if I practice these 20 words?”, knowing full well, what my incentive guidelines are for receiving anything extra beyond my winning smile and killer language skills.

I remember playing games all the time at home for fun without any incentives other than BEATING the other person (slightly competitive). So, I don’t understand why students “want” something other than winning or having fun while playing a game.  Instead of fighting the big “why”, I decided to find a way to wittingly approach this scenario to STOP the questions and expectations!!

personalized encouragement notesNeedless to say, I don’t want to be annoyed every time a middle school student asks me these types of questions, so I needed to come up with something that I could have on hand, ready to whip out at any moment. Then, an amazing thought popped into my head……everyone loves getting a thoughtful, personalized, encouraging note from someone!

encouragement notes visual 2During one of my language sessions, I decided to try out my plan.  I was a like a little kid in a candy shop waiting until the game of UNO was finished!  What was even better was the student who is always asking me these “what” questions WON the game!!  As the students were getting up to leave, I said “Oh, I almost forgot.  I really took to heart you wanting something when you win games and I have something really special for you.  I wrote you a note and I signed it too, so you’ll never forget our time together.  You got mad skills with that UNO game (added some sarcasm to my tone with a big smile).”  All the students started chuckling and I, of course, made sure give the student a hug on her way out to let her know that I love all her antics.

I haven’t heard that question from that particular student since, but I am planning on continuing this fun charade throughout the year!  These are also fun to give just as a quick way to show a student you care without getting all mushy and drawn out conversation (middle schoolers aren’t interested).  This has really helped me to curb my annoyance and enjoy my middle schoolers.  What do you do to help stay positive with your students? Grab this FREE download HERE! (1322)


Chicken Soup for the SLP Soul Blog Hop

Chicken soup blog hopReading stories from other SLP’s in the field has always been inspirational and kept me proud to be an SLP.  I love “swapping” stories from the trenches.  It helps me remember that I am not alone facing trials, funny moments, sad days, and piles of paperwork.  A bunch of us SLP bloggers decided to host a “Chicken Soup for the SLP Soul” blog hop to share memorable moments from our journey as an SLP.  At the end of each post there will be a SECRET NUMBER and at the end of the hop (YOU MADE IT CUZ’ I AM THE LAST STOP), you enter the secret number into the rafflecopter below for a chance to win a TPT gift certificate.

grand prizeYou can get extra entries for liking all of our blogger facebook pages too!!

first blogIf you are just hearing about the Chicken Soup blog hop, click on the photo above to start from the beginning! Now, on to the good stuff, my story!

Back when I was starting my second year as an SLP, I worked at junior high school.  At the time, I didn’t know what age group I would love, so I was on board to try anything.

The first couple weeks of school were a bit disorganized because in the midst of trying to put my schedule together, all the students were having a lot of schedule changes as well, so getting all of my speech students on the “books” was a flexible process.  It was the 2nd day of school, so I wasn’t formally seeing students yet for therapy when this sweet 7th grader knocked on my door.

Immediately he asked me “HHHHHHey, are you you the speech therapist.”

“Yes I am.  How can I help you?” I replied.

“Well, well, IIIIIIII need to have speech therapy.  Dddddooooo you play games in here?” About this time in the conversation, I had an inkling why he might want to be in my program.

I then asked him, “Have you ever had speech therapy before.” He explained that he used to have speech services in elementary school, but was dismissed around 4th/5th grade.  He then asked me “Ssssooooo, you play games in here, rrrriight?”  The conversation continued for a few more minutes and a couple of months later (60 day timeline peeps), I signed the lad up for some speech services!

The remainder of that year I worked with this student on learning different speech strategies to use when communicating with peers, staff, talking on the telephone, etc.  He loved coming to speech for the games and getting my undivided attention, yet never seemed to use those strategies outside my speech room.  As I started building a relationship with this student, I found out that he was in foster care for a short time, but was now back living with his father.  He got to visit his mom on weekends and was an only child. I could tell early on in our relationship that he didn’t have support at home to make sure his homework was completed or help with organizing projects for school.

When this student saw me in the hallway, he would eagerly ask me, “when when doooooo I have speech again?  We we are going to play a ggggame, right?”  The kid longed for extra attention and I loved that about him.  I looked out for this student and always checked in with his teachers to make sure his grades were passing and that people were treating him nicely.  The year ended and I told him I would see him next year.

At the beginning of this student’s 8th grade year, I went out on maternity leave with my first child and came back after Thanksgiving break.  When I returned, I discovered that my friend was still stuttering, not using his strategies outside the speech room and had 4 F’s on his progress report.  As I began networking with this student’s teachers, similar comments were shared “____ isn’t turning in his homework assignments.  ____ gets distracted in class and doesn’t complete all of his classroom assignments.  ____  doesn’t turn in projects that are due in the class.”

I sat this student down and we discussed his grade situation.  As I dug further as to why he had so many F’s, I discovered that he had 2 projects due within 2 weeks and lots of missing assignments. I realized at that moment that he didn’t have that mom or dad checking his planner or grades. He was also pretty embarrassed that he let his grades plummet and had to share those details with me.

I thought about my therapy sessions with this student that night and decided I was not going to allow this student to get F’s on his next report card. The speech strategies that I made this student work on weren’t being used outside the therapy room and the most concerning matter was his self confidence with his academics.  So, I decided I was going to help him with his social studies power point presentation during our sessions. His language arts teacher said that he could get partial credit for late assignments and we did those during his therapy sessions too.

As I initiated this new change in my lesson plans, I went home fretting about my therapy.  I was deviating from my student’s IEP goals and I wasn’t taking data every session! Needless to say, I felt very insecure as a therapist because I was doing something that was “out of the box” in terms of stuttering therapy.

Throughout the next semester, I let this student come in during his 6th period while I ran a social skills group to have a quiet place to do his language arts classwork.  One day, he finished his assignment early and asked if he could join the group.  I of course, said that would be awesome and I watched as this student treated all my spectrum kiddos with the utmost care and respect.  That day I left school knowing that this was a special kid.  He helped me periodically with these students and acted as a peer model when I taught different skills once a week.

By the end of the second semester, I didn’t have as much “data” to document that he was using his fluency strategies or that he had reduced his stuttering episodes.  I can report that this student passed ALL of his classes with C’s or higher.  Furthermore, I saw his confidence increase in the classroom with his academic skills.  He even personally asked me if I would attend his graduation ceremony (I of course accepted and attended).  At the end of the school year, I said my goodbyes and sent his file over to the High School for the following school year.

Helping this student changed my perspective of my job as a speech therapist. When I developed his “alternative” treatment plan, I decided to look at the WHOLE person. I made a judgment call as to what would be most important for this student’s present communication needs.  Of course, I made mistakes, questioned myself a lot and wondered if I was even fit to be a therapist because I didn’t have him practice his slow speech and easy starts in sentences every session.  The next year, I ran into this student when I was helping some other therapists complete speech and language screenings for all 9th graders at the HS.  The therapist that screened his group, came back to me and told me that he said I helped him a lot and gave him a lot of communication strategies that he uses.  That felt pretty awesome to hear!  Sometimes progress in therapy cannot be measured by percentages, rubrics and test performance.  A student’s progress may be watching a student build his/her confidence in themselves, take more chances, or make changes necessary for their success.

It’s been 7 years, since I last saw him and I will never forget him.  Great memories can occur when you step outside your comfort zone and try something new.  I tried something different and I think it was a success.  Not everyone will agree with my methods, but I couldn’t just treat one part of a person (his stuttering) and ignore the rest of him.  I hope this student remembers me as someone who was dependable, caring and on his side for the better!

Hope you enjoyed reading all these fabulous stories!  Enter below in the rafflecopter for your chance to win BIG!!  Here is my secret number.  Add all your numbers that you have collected and enter them to win.

The dabbling speeechie

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Thank you to all the wonderful BLOGGERS who participated in this hop!



My Valentine’s Week In Speech

It has been all things Valentine’s Day in my speech room this week!  It is such a fun and versatile theme that I wanted to cram in as much “love” as I could before Saturday.  Here is what I have been up to with my kiddos!!

2015-02-05 08.52.31My articulation/phonology kiddos made my super easy and fun craft that can be taken home for extra practice!  Grab that template HERE!

2015-02-10 20.17.55I have two kindergarten students working on basic concepts, so we sent some “love” mail while practicing prepositions!  I took this for a test drive with my 2 1/2 year old earlier in the week.  Thanks to Mia McDaniel from Putting Words In Your Mouth for making this cute activity!

2015-02-08 14.57.10I made super cute eraser Valentine’s with my son for his class and for some of my elementary speechies.  Grab the free printable template HERE!

2015-02-10 20.19.32

Speech Therapy with Courtney Gragg made this awesome love robot freebie game to work on prevocalic /r/ and /r-blends/ at the sentence level!  Just what I needed for my /r/ groups!!  Soooooo happy to have something fun to play while we drill and kill!!

2015-02-10 13.01.12

Verbalicious Cupcake Fun has been great as a warm up activity to use with 2 of my middle school groups that are working on grammar goals.  Some of my kiddos still need practice with verb tense and this was a fun way to quickly get some practice in!

print n' go valentines day picSome of my more language impaired students at the middle school still need to work on wh-questions in small passages, so I grabbed some of my worksheets from my Valentine’s Day Themed Print N’ Go Pack to use as a group warm up!  I have my students highlight the key information from the passage to help them find the who, what, where, when, and why!

With my middle school crowd, some of my language groups watched a youtube video on the history of Valentine’s day and answering wh-questions about the video.  We talked about the main idea, key vocabulary and generated questions about what we wanted to know more about Valentine’s day.

Language Challenge Valentine's day cover sheet

I created this fun language challenge game called “Steal Their Heart” in which the students had to write sentences of valentine’s day pictures that I found on google images.  After the student write their sentences, I “score” them with my language challenge rubric. The player to get the most points for including adjectives, prepositional phrases, transition words, idioms, vocabulary, verb tense, etc. got to steal a players heart.

Language Challenge Valentine's day The player with the most hearts after all the rounds wins the challenge!  This was a hit with my higher level language kiddos at the middle school.  Grab this FREEBIE on my TPT store!! 2015-02-12 09.23.22

I did this fun craft with all my little speechies working on articulation!  Grab this FREEBIE over at Simply Speech’s TPT store!  We have been busy!!  It was nice to get creative this week because I was super sick with the flu a couple of weeks ago, so therapy has been a bit dry as I have been getting better.  What are you doing this week? (421)


Print N’ Go Phonology Flashcards

artic key ringsI have a little group of kindergarten students who have some persisting phonological processes and there parents were asking for additional practice ideas for the home (love parent involvement).  I didn’t want to give them homework that was time consuming or would interrupt their schedule, so I thought of giving the parents flashcards that they could store on a key ring and keep in the back seat of the car!  That was my original use for these flashcards and then I thought I could use them in therapy as well!!

phono flashcards frontingEach flashcard has 5 pictures of the item, so that the student can practice their word 5 times each (extra productions).  I included initial, medial and final position words for the following phonological processes: fronting, final consonant deletion, stopping, cluster reduction, deaffrication, gliding and weak syllable reduction.

print n go flashcard starsAt the end of the key ring is a practice makes progress star chart.  After the student practices all their sounds, they get to color in a star!  I have been using these as “warm up” before we move to a game or activity, so I can make sure to get lots of good productions before all the real action starts!

phono flashcards colorYour students can color in the pictures as part of the session while you get around to having everyone practice their words.  I used these flashcards as helpers for my Valentine’s day craftivities.  Most of my kindergarten students can write all their letters, but are still learning how to spell words, so this way they can finish the craft without me having to help them with spelling.  They just use their flashcards to find the words!

phono flashcards carrierGrab this Easy to prep phonology set in my TPT store!  Enter my giveaway below and 3 lucky peeps will win a copy of this set!  What do you do for carryover in therapy?  Do you have good parent involvement with home speech practice?

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SLP Must Haves: Winter Accessories

SLP must have winter accessoriesWell, folks the groundhog saw his shadow, so it looks like we are having another 6 weeks of winter!  Being a Cali girl, my winter is pretty mild, but it still gets chilly.  I love having winter themed accessories to sport with my outfits to work and wanted to share some must accessories that I found on etsy.  Back in December, I was shopping for my secret santa, trying to find a teal chevron scarf.  While dabbling on Etsy, I found a store with the perfect chevron scarf for my friend’s gift!

il_570xN.682880682_kjezAs I was  checking out Sunshine N’ Whiskey Life store, I discovered that she has super cute stuff AND all of her profits goes towards her son’s therapy.  Courtney’s son was diagnosed with Autism and she decided to turn her crafting hobby into a personal business to help pay for any therapies and supplies her son may need.  When I read this, I thought “I need to buy another scarf for myself!  What a great cause!”  A girl can never have enough scarves and it made my purchase extra special knowing I was helping out a family trying to help their son with his speech and language development.

il_570xN.701671845_1jqeThis is the scarf I bought and I love it!  Purple peacocks are my favorite.  The fabric is light weight, so if I wrap it up tight around my neck it keeps me pretty warm in the winter, but I can still wear it loosely during the spring season to add some spark to my outfits.

Before I show ya some of the cool winter accessories Courtney has in her store, I wanted her to share a bit about her background from her own words!

When life hands ya lemons-ya garnish your drink!
Well I’m a momma of two energetic little boys that are my life! In early 2014, my oldest was diagnosed with Autism. It has had a rippling effect on our family that we never saw coming. Because every child on the spectrum is different, there is no “cure” or specific therapy that works for every child out there. It is truly a trial and error treatment process with his symptoms.
Due to his regression over the years, and most recently, having a traditional job is not an option with the assistance and needs my son has. So I began to think how I can help my family financially, as many new and nontraditional therapies for my son are not covered by insurance. Needless to say, my epiphany was to somehow merge  my crafting addiction and our love of the outdoors into a business where my relaxation and nightly down time is now my business.
I don’t wallow in self pity-I have an amazing husband and faithful family by my side. I think of how much my son has taught me over the years and how much he continues to teach me- to step back and realize what is important in life. My patience has grown, tolerance of others, new found optimism in every situation and to realize that everything happens for a reason. His little life reminds me that no one is by our side more than God and we are constantly leaning on Isaiah 43:2 “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you” NLT. That is where the shop name-”Sunshine N Whiskey Life” comes into play. It sums up our life as the good, the bad and the ugly. We are so thankful for his good days when he is that little beam of sunshine, yet we prepare for the “whiskey life” when he just can’t get his little brain and body in sync. It is what it is and we strive the make the best of every day we are given!
Your purchases directly go to helping my family fund the needs of my spunky man and I hope that thought encourages you to look for the best in all situations and know that you are contributing to making a difference in the lives of Autistic Children!
whiskey scarves whiskey headbands
I also got a pair of her earrings which has made my winter outfits pop with color!  Go head over to her Etsy store and if you enter the code SHOPVDAY, you get 10% off your purchase!


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