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Using “Elf” movie clips in therapy!

elf movie clipsIf you haven’t seen the movie, Elf, you need to rent it this holiday season! This weekend I watched the movie with my family and thought of some ways on how to utilize this movie with my older middle school students.  Here are some of the clips from the movie with my ideas!

Use this clip to identify non-verbal signals that the characters are showing and what message they are sending with their body language.   Have the students generate questions to ask each other in the group about what they thought about the clip and discuss what Buddy should have done when he saw the racoon.

This clip is great for talking about what is in the character’s “thinking” bubbles as well as a way to talk about expected vs. unexpected behaviors at the dinner table.

buddy the elfStudents with language goals can practice describing the “setting” or the “characters” of the movie using the EET tool or an attribute wheel.  I made some visuals for some of my lower kids to help with identifying expected vs. unexpected behaviors.  We also worked on “what are we thinking about Buddy?” with my visual thought bubble.

This clip is hilarious!  If your students haven’t seen this movie, you can target making inferences about what might happen next.  Have the students document clues they see in the clip to help them make social inferences about what the characters are feeling and/or thinking.

This clip has some good expected vs. unexpected behaviors in it!  It is a great way to talk about the expected way to cross the street, go up an escalator and what to do in a bathroom stall.  Buddy does have some expected behavior in this clip as he is walking through the mall.

Do you have any kids on your caseload that like to pick up gum off the ground and eat it!?  Well, I actually work with a student that I caught doing that at lunch.  This is a great clip to show and talk about why it’s gross to pick up gum/food off the ground to eat.  Kids can share what’s in their “thinking” bubble when they see Buddy eating gum off the subway railing.

I love this scene because the other person on the elevator has some great non-verbal signals about how he is feeling.  Buddy also does one expected behavior on the elevator, but overall, everything he does in this clip would make someone really annoyed!!  Students that need to work on articulation carryover can retell the story clip while practicing their speech sounds!

Hope you can use these in your therapy room for the last couple days of school!  My kids stayed engaged and enjoyed watching all of Buddy’s shenanigans!! (802)


SLP Self Reflection Forms

change of selfSelf reflection is one of the HARDEST things for me to do (biggest self critic), yet when I let myself be honest about a situation, I am able to take ownership of my weaknesses, let go of what I can’t control and celebrate my strengths.  As an SLP, one of the most important aspects of our job is SELF REFLECTION! Much of the successes with our clients/students centers around how we are interacting with them and the lessons we plan to help students/clients meet their goals.  In addition, our relationships with other professionals and parents are a vital part  for our clients/students success.  Doing the job of an SLP is quite a tall order and in no means easy.

IEP meetings, assessments, paperwork documentation, planning therapy, collaborating with colleagues, writing goals, staying up to date with current research and therapy techniques, taking data, building rapport with students, calling parents, advocating for our students, sharing work spaces and trying to maintain our own sanity is a juggling act.  By around December of the school year, the thrill of planning therapy begins to wear off, interactions with unhappy parents may have occurred and conflicts with programs and colleagues may have ensued.  For some of you, just the stress alone of a gigantic caseload, paired with excessive paperwork and timelines makes showing up to work a daunting task!

“Don’t become too preoccupied with what is happening around you, pay more attention to what is happening within you.”  Mary Frances Winters

Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.

I am not what I have done, I am what I have overcome.

Any of these quotes relate to you?  I found these quotes and immediately identified with them.  When I am knee deep with work, I sometimes forget to take some time away to reflect about how I am performing in my job.  Sometimes when I consume my mind with all the issues of the work place or with a student’s lack of progress, I forget to find the positives in my job.  There are those days when I want to beat myself down because I had a horrible therapy session, a mile long list of assessments to complete or a difficult conversation with a parent.  It is days like that when I need to step back and look at WHY the session or the day (or weeks, lol) haven’t gone well.   Self reflecting also allows me to recognize when the actions of others has NOTHING to do with my behavior and everything to do with their own hurts and issues.  For example, is my lack of therapy planning really my own inability to stay organized when I had a caseload over 80 or am I managing things well given my circumstances?  You feel me!?

self reflection sheets cover I decided to make some self reflection forms to help remind me of my goals, make a plan for change if needed and revamp my creativity, so that I can be the BEST educator I can!  Because we still have 5 months left of school!

self reflection

Here are some additional reasons why I created these forms.

I have to complete a professional portfolio for my evaluation this year and wanted to show some documentation of professional goal setting & ways I am trying to improve my skills. (page 3, 6)

I needed some forms to help me reflect about the quality of my therapy and interactions with my students. (page 5)
Although I don’t regularly do S.O.A.P. notes like I did back in graduate school, I wanted a S.O.A.P. note form to use periodically to analyze if I planned therapy around student’s goals and what impacted the session (both external/internal factors). (page 4)

Every year, I am faced with challenges in my job. When I write those challenges down, it helps me to accept the things I can’t control and figure out ways around the “road block”. This allows me to not get “stuck in the mud” and move forward with a more positive outlook about my job. (page 7)

Hang your self reflections in a picture frame or store in a binder to help remind yourself of your goals!  How do you self reflect in your job?  Email me at with any cool tips!

  Grab my FREEBIE self reflection forms in my TPT store!



Reflections from #ASHA14

#ASHA 2014 was a blast!

10655300_10101433038945604_7436420991684057858_oThis was my second ASHA and it has been the best so far!  I went to ASHA to help run #booth1359 and get in some needed continuing education hours.  For the past two years, I have been networking and becoming “online” friends with SLP bloggers from all over the country.  This past weekend was the first time I got to see my creative blogger friends in person!

IMG_0076Connecting with other SLP’s working in the trenches just like me inspires me to continue to work with students who have communication impairments.

Here are some of the highlights of my trip!

IMG_0068We handed out TONS of flyers and got the word out about #SLPbloggers and SLP’s on TPT!  It was so fun talking with all the SLP’s and future SLP’s!


I got to attend several of Michelle Garcia Winner’s seminars and chat with her for a few minutes at her booth.


Handed out lots of freebies and networked with TONS of SLP’s about TPT and speech blogs!  It was great getting to know all my blogger friends.


Went to Universal Studios and rode the new Minions ride!

For all my peeps out there that weren’t able attend ASHA, I made a special treat for you!  Check out the cool video that my hubby put together of my trip!  I hope you LOVE it.  Lord willing, I hope I get to make many more ASHA conventions.  See you all in Denver 2015!! (241)


Take a Snap Shot Instagram GIVEAWAY!

If you haven’t started going on instagram you are missing out!  I follow a lot of other SLP’s and it is a great way for me to stay connected with them visually.  We all post pics of what is going on in our speech rooms and I love seeing new therapy ideas in picture and short video form (10 seconds).  I decided that I wanted to do something fun with my speechie Instagram profile and have a fun giveaway.

instagram giveawayAll you have to do is take a snapshot of one of my TPT products  in action during therapy and post on instagram with #dabblingslp.  The winner will win some fun games that they can use in therapy with their kiddos!!  This will be going on ALL week, so you have some time to round up some of my activities to post a pic.  Ready!?  Let’s do this.  Looking forward to seeing your pictures.  May the odds be ever in your favor!

You can find me on INSTAGRAM HERE!



Hot Chocolate Phonology!

Slide1What kid doesn’t love a warm cup of hot chocolate filled with marshmallows?  I have two little kindergarten students on my caseload with persisting phonological processes and knew that I need to create some holiday activities that could be used ALL winter long.  Thus, hot chocolate phonology evolved!

hot chocolate minimal pairsThere are 95 minimal pairs to work on different phonological processes.  You can work on remediating fronting, cluster reduction, gliding, final consonant deletion, and stopping!  You could still use these with some of your single sound error kids as well.  I included some fun game cards to make practice a little bit more entertaining.  You can also play therapist vs. student.  If the student can say his/her target sound on the minimal pair card, the student wins the hot chocolate card. If he/she says it incorrectly, the therapist wins the card. Whoever has the most cards is the winner.

hot chocolate roll and coverI also included these fun hot Chocolate Phonology Sound game boards & word list (blank game boards included to customize). It is roll & cover game style and you just use BINGO chips, tokens or real MARSHMALLOWS!  The sound boards included initial, medial and final words with pictures for the following sounds: /k, g, f, s-blends, final sounds, l, sh, ch, s/.  My other idea for this is to cut out and laminate the hot chocolate strips and turn into bookmarks that they can have at home with them to practice.  Just laminate two of the strips front and back and you got 10 words to practice at home!

Grab this Hot Chocolate Phonology Pack on TPT store and use for the whole winter season!



Wise Wallet Wednesday: A DIY Bookmark Speech Style!

Presentation1I just want to say that this post and FREEBIE is in honor all my SLP peeps that have purchased something from my store during the cyber sale.  I still pinch myself knowing that so many people are using my stuff!  I wanted to make something for you all as a “thank you” and I think you are going to LOVE it!

IMG_0210At our ASHA #SLPblogger booth, we handed out these awesome buttons to people on Saturday.  My Independent Living Skills classroom made them with their button maker!  They were a hit and I got several inquiries if I they could be purchased by SLP’s who were not able to attend ASHA.  Sadly, I don’t have any more left!  I will keep you posted if that ever changes.  Well, I decided to make something similar, but with a bookmark, only SLP STYLE!

SLP bookmarksI thought these could be a great inexpensive gift for your SLP pals at work for the holidays.  I don’t know about all of you, but some of my best friends are SLP’s.  We have so much fun together.  I also wanted a fun reminder that we need to kick butt in the therapy room and BE AWESOME with our kiddos.

bookmark 2This is what you need to create these fun acessories: my FREE template, cardstock, hole puncher, laminator and some sort of yarn, ribbon or twine.  Just print on cardstock and laminate for durability.  Follow this tutorial on how to make a tassel and you have yourself a rockin’ awesome SLP bookmark.

slp bookmark for whole staffI made templates for SLP’s, SLPA’s and teachers, so you could even make these for your whole staff!  Grab the template in my TPT store!

bookmarkWhat SLP doesn’t love to read books!?  This is the perfect DIY accessory for any book lovin’ SLP.  I hope you love this.  Lastly, I just wanted to let you know that because of everyone that follows my blog and purchases items from my TPT store, you have made me an AWESOME SLP!  I would not be able to do all this without the support from other SLP’s cheering me on.  This post is for all of you!  Don’t forget to be AWESOME in the therapy room because we have people looking to us to be their support with becoming better communicators.  What a privilege, right!?.  Alright, I will stop with the cheezy sentiments.  Anywhoooo, you rock!! (583)


Winter Season Grammar & Vocabulary Pack

Slide1Thanksgiving has ended and it’s time to bring out the sweater, scarfs, boots and gloves because the winter season has arrived.  In Sacramento, we are finally getting some rain and the mornings and evenings have been chilly.  Looking forward to curling up with a blanket and a good book over the holiday break.  Until then, I have created another seasonal pack to work on those basic sentence structures and thematic vocabulary!

You can grab this pack on my TPT store!

winter memoryMy winter packs have matching cards, so you can play go fish, memory or the flash light game with a fun winter theme while practicing verb actions and simple pronoun + is +verb-ing.

winter actionsI love having a visual picture board that I can ask wh-questions such as “who is wearing skates?” to receptively target comprehension of actions and vocabulary.  Students can also make sentences, follow directions with spatial concepts or describe people by attributes.

winter compareThere are vocabulary cards to practice comparing and contrasting how winter items are similar and different.  I have also included stimulus cards for third person singular and singular/plural markers.  There is also a winter category visual poster to work on words that are in the winter season!  This set has you covered with LOTS of visuals, so it is easy to use with all levels.

seasonal bundleIf you like what you see, grab my year round seasonal bundle for your caseload by clicking the photo above!  Hope you snag this during the TPT cyber sale.  My whole store will be on sale and if you use the cyber code TPTCYBER to get 28% off ALL of my products! (514)


What’s in your cart? Linky Party


I am linking up with Speech Room News to share what’s in my cart for the annual Cyber sale on TeachersPayTeachers.  This is the best time to stock up on items that you might need for the entire year because you can get up to 28% off on products.  I know I am picking up some items for my caseload along with some clipart for future projects!  Let me start by sharing what’s in my store that might help you out!


Winter social skills packMy Winter Wonderland Social Pragmatic Pack is great for your upper elementary population.

winter print n' goI finally was able to update my Winter Themed Print N’ Go Pack, so it is FILLED with over 100 pages of activities to use with all sorts of goals.

mega bundle foxMy kids loved my What does the fox say? Mega bundle.  It was perfect to use with the Gingerbread Man books and every time we found a fox, we all got to say “yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum”.


Build A Snowman Language Game is a great activity for the winter season!

AAC previewMy AAC Starter Kit: Low Tech Tools to Work on Communication is a must have and definitely a good time to get this because of the sale!

There are tons more fun activities in my store, but those are some of the ones, I will be pulling out during the winter season.  Now, it’s time to share what I am planning on purchasing!!

original-952292-1I have a lot of elementary students that have articulation goals and are starting to be at the sentence level.  These will be perfect for practice.  Grab this from Articulation Booklets from Busy Bee Speech.

original-1030887-1I have several students on my middle school caseload working on main idea, so I had to grab this Main Idea Cookies from Speech Snacks because her freebie Thanksgiving version was very helpful for my students.

original-691088-1High Stakes Testing Vocabulary Builder from Natalie Snyders is a great resource that I want for my middle school students!!  This seems so functional and relevant for my student’s goals and will help them with testing.

original-1234841-1I needed this great pack Social Filter from Speech Room News for my older students that have social pragmatic goals.  Looking forward to using this.

I hope you all find some time to shop the BIG TPT sale.  I am sure I will be adding some more products into my cart because there are so many great affordable resources out there! (946)


Wise Wallet Wednesday: DIY Speech Decor Magnets FREEBIE!

Presentation1Most of us SLP’s have magnetic white boards and I am always in need of fun magnets to hang papers on the white board, so I decided to make some DIY speech decor magnets for my speech room.  See my original how-to post by clicking the picture below.  I used my summer themed clipart to make cute DIY magnets to work on language!

summer time magnets 1All you need is my handy magnet template, which you can snag HERE, some glass stones, mod podge, and magnets and you are ready to go!

DIY decor magnetsI love how these turned out!  I only need a handful of magnets, so with the extras I am going to make little gift bags for some of my SLP besties either as a back to school pick me up or for the holidays!

color decor magnetsI included some solid colored circles and thought you could have students fill out the zone of regulation using the white board or on a cookie sheet.  These could also be a quick way to keep track of group points toward a speech party or during a game.  There are lots of cute one!  I am going to use some of them as little christmas gifts for some of my special speech peeps.  Grab this FREEBIE template in my TPT store! (626)


Winter Themed TPT Products ROUND-UP

winter TPT

You all loved my list of TPT resources for fall, so I had to hook you all up for winter.  It really helps me when I see lots of resources in one spot, categorized by the area.  That way I can see what I need for my caseload.  I asked all my blogger friends to give me links to their winter themed products, so here they are!  Happy lesson planning to you all!!

Open Ended Games

Open Ended Winter Games Grades 1st-5th

Hot Cocoa Speech Therapy Open Ended Game FREEBIE

Build A Snowman Open Ended Games
Winter Wonderland Open Ended Game Boards and Activities for Speech and Language
Open Ended Game Snowball Fight
Build a Snowman: An Open Ended Game for any skill
Speech Therapy Winter Open Ended Reinforcement and Game Boards
Snow Day Penguins Reinforcement Game FREEBIE
Skiing Through Speech FREEBIE
Penguin Dash Game FREEBIE

Winter Game Boards FREEBIE
Winter Sports Dot Pages FREEBIE

Knock Em’ Down Penguins FREEBIE
Don’t melt the snowman game FREEBIE (winter version of hangman)

Hot chocolate and Marshmallows Speech Freebie
Penguins at Play- An Open Ended Game FREEBIE

Winter QR Code: Open Ended Game


Bundle Speech Club Winter L,R,S,Z,SH,Th
Mini Speech Club Winter for Pre-readers
Penguin Phonology Grades Prek-2nd
What Does the Fox Say Holiday Articulation Game for SH, CH, DJ

Do Not Break the Ice Blocks Articulation
Arctic Articulation Adventures for Speech Thearpy r,s,l

Build A Snowman Articulation Game s,z,l,r,s-blends & l-blends
Snow Day Quick Drill for Articulation or Fluency Therapy RTI
What Does the Fox Say Holiday Articulation Pack
Santa’s Elve’s Articulation R & S

r-blends for Penguin Friends FREEBIE
Winter Articulation TH FREEBIE
Winter Articulation r,s,l
Speech Therapy: Tricky Penguins Memory Game Grades 2nd-5th
Falling Flakes Apraxia Snowflakes
Multisyllabic Reindeer
Winter Roll Say Color Articulation Fun

Holly Jolly Articulation TH, SH, CH Edition

Christmas BINGO Artic & fluency combo Grades Prek-8th

Polar Bear Plunge for Articulation R, S, Z, L, TH, SH, J, K, G Grades 1st-6th

Speech Therapy: Wonderful Winter Verbal Apraxia Unit VC, CV, and CVCV words
Speechy Therapy Winter Themed Postvocalic R Articulation Packet OR, ER, EAR, AR

Color by Speech Word for L-blends FREEBIE

Snowy Speech: Winter Themed Articulation Activities & worksheets

Hot Chocolate Phonology


Penguin Preschool Language Grades Prek-2nd

Build A Snowman Language Game Grades K-3rd

Bundle Snow Much Fun with Language Grades Prek-5th

Winter Matching Game Grades Prek-3rd

Language Sequencing Train- Winter Themed Grades 1st-4th
Winter Stamp a Story FREEBIE
Winter Wh-Questions Grades K-5th
Main Idea Cookies Grades 5th-9th
Following Complex Directions Winter Themed FREEBIE Grades 2nd-10th
Wh-Questions Winter Clothing Color Match Game Grades Prek-1st
Holly Jolly Story Telling Pack Grades K-8th
Wintertime Wellness: Language Building Problem Solving & Reading Comprehension Grades 5th-12th
Holiday Sequencing Organization Tasks for Good Executive Functioning Grades 5th-12th
Nonfiction Texts with English Language Arts (Winter Edition) Grades K-8th
Check it Twice: A Speech & Language Game Grades K-5th
Where is the Gift Prepositions Grades Prek-2nd
Winter Listening Fun Grades Prek-6th

Winter Language Activity Packet Common Core Aligned Grades 1st-3rd
Winter Receptive Language Speech Therapy Pack Grades K-7th
Winter Expressive Language Speech & Language Pack Grades 1st-7th
Winter Sports Language Style Grades K-6th

Winter Olympics Simon Says- Following Directions
DIY Snow dough for pretend play and language development Grades prek-1st
Ugly Christmas Sweater Categories FREEBIE Grades K-5th
Winter Print and Go FREEBIE Grades 4th-5th Language arts passage
Winter Inferencing FREEBIE Grades 1st-3rd
Winter Reading Skills & Comprehension Activities FREEBIE Grades 1st-2nd

Winter Season Grammar & Vocabulary Pack Grades Prek-2nd
Winter Word Associations Grades K-5
Winter Land: English/Language Arts Grades K-5
Multiple Meaning Snowflakes Grades 1st-4th

FREEBIE Pre-Kindergarten Winter Concepts Grades Prek-1st
Winter Non-fiction Leveled Reading Passages and Questions Grades 4th-12th
Very Opinionated Penguins: A Fact and Opinion Activity FREEBIE Grades 1st-6th

Christmas Categories FREEBIE

No Print Snowman Language: Receptive & Expressive Grades 1-4th

Merry Multiple Meaning Words FREEBIE Grades 2nd-5th

Let’s Build A Snowman Story and Conversation Starters Grades K-3rd FREEBIE

Christmas Spatial Concepts: An Interactive Activity FREEBIE Grades Prek-2nd

Winter Write and Say the Room Grades K-5th

Winter Speech Vocabulary Games: Christmas, Winter & Valentine’s Grades Prek-4th

Where is Rudolph? Christmas Story, Prepositions, Categories, Concepts & Verbs Grades Prek-1st


Ginerbread Grammar Activities for Speech Therapy Grades K-5th

Winter Grammar Worksheets Parts of Speech Grades 1st-5thWhere is Rudolph? Christmas Story, Verbs, Prepositions, Categories & Concepts Grades Prek-1st
Penguin Prepositions Pronouns Grades Prek-2nd
Deck the Halls with Lots of Grammar Pack Grades K-4th

Christmas Themed Understanding Negation for Speech Therapy FREEBIE
Christmas Verbs and Completing the Sentence FREEBIE
Snowball Verb Tense Sort Grades K-5th
Winter Themed Pronouns Targeting: Her, Hers, Him His, They, Them, Their, Theirs Grades K-4th

Speech Therapy Pronouns Verbs and Prepositions for Winter Grades Prek-1st

Social Skills

Ho Ho Ho Social Pragmatics Pack Grades 2nd-8th

Winter Wonderland Social Pragmatics Pack Grades 2nd-8th
Roll A Topic Winter Theme FREEBIE
Guess the Gift Inferencing Speech Therapy Activity with QR codes Grades K-5th
Complex Emotion Crackers Grades 5th-12th
Polar Bear Problem Solving Grades K-4th
Winter Figurative Language Grades 3-8

Winter Figurative Language Cards Game Grades 4th-9th

Behavior Management

Chill Out Anger Management Visuals FREEBIE


Healthy Voice Habits with Randy Reindeer FREEBIE

Book Companion Packs

Bear Stays Up For Christmas Speech and Language Activities Grades Prek-3rd
Snowmen Language Activities for Speech Therapy Grades 1st-6th
Three Snow Bears Jan Brett Speech & Language Packet Grades 1st-5th

The Jacket I Wear In The Snow Book Companion Grades Prek-2nd

Where is Home Little Pip A Book Companion Grades Prek-3rd
The Mitten Speech & Language Activities Grades 1st-5th
The Poloar Express Speech and Language Book Companion Grades prek-3rd
The Mitten Book Companion for Preschool Speech and Language Pack Grades Prek-1st

The Mitten: Speech & Language Extension Activities Grades Prek-1st

Mooseltoe: A Book Companion for Language Grades Prek-2nd

What do snowmen do at night? Snowmen at Night Mini Book Companion FREEBIE Grades PreK-3rd

Snowmen All Year Book Companion Grades Prek-5th

Snowmen at Night: Speech Therapy Book Companion Grades Prek-3rd

BUNDLED Speech & Language Products for many target areas

Bundled Holiday Products Grades Prek-6th
Winter Worksheets HW Packet for Speech Therapy

Winter Themed Speech and Language Packet Grades Prek-5th
Winter Themed Print N’ Go Speech and Language Activities Grades Prek-4th<

Deck the Halls with Lots of Speech & Language Mega Bundle
Christmas Language Activity Bundle

Having A Ball-Holiday Themed Vocabulary, Language & Articulation Game Grades Prek-4th

Christmas Bundle: Expressive, Receptive, Language, Grammar & Articulation Grades Prek-12th


Gingerbread Craftivity Grades Prek-3rd

Christmas Santa Advent Calendar and Craftivity FREEBIE
Here Comes Santa Claus Craftivity FREEBIE
Jesus Nativity Sticky Puppets FREEBIE

Shades of Meaning Holiday Light craftivity FREEBIE

Snow Globe Language & CRAFTIVITY Grades K-4th
FREEBIE Pile on the winter fun snowman craft with writing activities Grades 1st-3rd

Winter Craftivity Worksheets especially for SLP’s,

Reindeer Craftivity FREEBIEPlayful Penguins Language Processing Packet Grades Prek-6th


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