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“I Spy” Nature Walk Activity And Craft

Today, I wanted to share a cute idea for how to use your left over toilet paper rolls in therapy.  I am always saving my toilet paper rolls because there are SOOOOOO many craft projects that you can find on pinterest.  I have been saving my toilet paper rolls for a couple of months because I wanted to do this fun outdoor activity using the recycled toilet paper rolls as binoculars!  When Spring time hits Sacramento, I want to be outside as much as possible because the weather is beautiful and perfect!

Slide2You can keep the two toilet paper rolls together with a little piece of tape.

Slide4Use your rolls to help measure how long your strip of construction paper needs to be.  I used 11 x 17 in. construction paper.  Any color you have on hand will do!

Slide3Put lines of glue alone the toilet paper rolls and wrap the construction paper around.  I used paperclips to help keep the paper in place until the glue dries.

binoculars cutie pieI punched some holes in the binoculars with my hole puncher and used some left over string to make a strap for the binoculars to hang around the child’s neck.

I spy funToday we used our binoculars to look for our speech sounds and my language kiddos used my Spring Time Grammar Vocabulary Activities to make grammatically correct sentences, and found items by attributes and prepositions.  The kids loved used the binoculars and I let my students decorate them with stickers at the end of the session.

fun freebieNext week, we are going to be using our binoculars to go on an “I Spy” Nature Walk BINGO and we will also be making books about our nature walk!  Each student gets their own sheet.  Using the binoculars you made, take the students on a nature walk around the school.  The students can cross off any items that they find along the way.  Then, they can draw pictures in their nature book about what they saw!!  Grab this FREEBIE in my TPT store!

What do you have planned for the next few weeks?  I would love to see some pictures, so tag me on instagram @thedabblingspeechie!



iPractice Verbs: App Review and GIVEAWAY!

I am here today to talk about a new app from Smarty Ears that is very useful for my caseload.  Every year I have many 1st-3rd graders that are working on syntax and morphology goals.  It can be hard sometimes to find new materials to use with these kids to keep therapy fun and fresh without taking away from verb practice.  Today, I am here to share about iPractice Verbs app and there is a GIVEAWAY!!

smarty ears iverbsAll of Smarty Ears apps are very user friendly.  I love how I can have multiple users saved in the application and it is very easy to take and keep data for progress monitoring.  Here is a great video tutorial that I watched to help me get acquainted with all the features of this app.

photo 1You can add student’s simply by clicking “add new player”.  I love that I can use multi-players and be able to keep track of all the students while using this application.  No more sticky note data collection for me!

photo 4There are 158 verbs at the word, phrase and sentence level.  I love that there are real pictures in this app!  This app is very useful for groups of students that are at different levels because you can use this one activity with everyone.  This app covers regular and irregular verbs along with morphological markers of past, present, and present progressive markers.  There is a flash card or find it activity that you can chose from.  The “find it” activity is for receptive language practice, which is a nice feature for your kiddos who aren’t ready to generate sentences.

photo 3This is a “verb” example at the sentence level.  Students have to generate a sentence with “deliver” and if they get it correct, you click on the green check.  It give the student a star for every stimulus item that is correct.  This can also be used with your vocabulary students in the group to talk about verbs or describing people or items in the photo.  I like that I can adapt the use of the photos if I have a mixed language group.

photo 2Here is an example of the student’s accuracy data sheet after a session.  This is one of my favorite features because I can go back and see a student’s progress!

photo 5After a session, you can pull up a student’s profile and see their progress, show them their sticker page or generate a certificate of completion.  The other cool feature about this app is that you can print, email and export all data information on your student’s for easy progress monitoring information.

photo 2Student’s can earn stickers as they master different skills.

photo 3There is also an option where you can print out certificates after students have met their goals.  It is nice to celebrate a student’s success!  You can grab your own copy HERE!  This is definitely an app that you would use a TON because I have never gone a year without having a student on my caseload that needed to work on sentence structure and verb tenses!!  The wonderful people at Smarty Ears gave me an extra copy of iPractice Verbs app, so enter below for a chance to win your own copy!!

Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to complete a review. The thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Blooming Into Speech & Language Activity Pack


My life has been pretty busy and I can finally say that my NEWEST No Prep, Print N’ Go Pack is ready!!  I found soooooo much adorable clipart that I decided to make a second pack that can be use for Spring.  The IEP crazy season is in full swing and I know that I was going to need this during April and May.  This pack is filled with a variety of activities some which are open ended, so that you can target any speech or language target.

You can grab my Blooming Into Speech & Language No Prep Pack HERE!

Slide1If you have purchased my Winter Print N’ GoValentine’s Day Print N’ Go or my Springtime Themed No Prep Pack you will similar activities that are in ALL black and white ink and have little to no prep work.  The pack is filled with dot-to dot marker worksheets, compare/contrast venn diagrams for picnic items, roll and color games, fill in the “spring” activities worksheet and templates to make  your own puppets with Popsicle sticks.

Slide2 These are one of my favorites to use as a warm up or with my little artic students to keep them busy while I work with each one individually.  They are given different categories and then I have them write or draw a picture of items that belong in that category.  I can cover my language and artic kiddos with this worksheet.  This pack has some fun work sheets to work on inferencing and asking questions as well as some math graphing worksheets to target more, less, equal, and most.

Slide3There are 6 of these complex sentence worksheets that I have been using to work on comprehension of complex sentences and breaking down the different parts of the sentence, so when they have to answer a question on the test or in class, they will really understand what “who”, “what”, “where”, “when” and “why” means.  So many of my students don’t understand the question word and then give me the wrong answer because of it.  Check out my 411 on my SpringTime No Prep Pack to see how I use these packs in therapy.  You get to see my lovely face on youtube!!

No Prep Speech & Language Activities MONEY SAVING BUNDLE

For all you folks that took advantage of purchasing my Money Saving Bundle pack, go back and re-download because this pack has no been added to the bundle!  A little freebie for you all that purchased during the BIG sale.  I plan on adding a Summer and Fall themed pack over the summer, so if you take advantage of the price now, you will be getting 2 extra packs for free.  The price will go up as I add more packs.  How are you managing therapy and getting assessments and paperwork completed?  I would love to hear your tips and tricks!!  Leave a comment below for a chance to win this pack for FREE. (456)


Take the TPT Plunge Linky Party!

I remember when I was first starting out after grad school at two elementary schools and I was stuck in these little boxed sized rooms with minimal therapy resources.  I had started in January, so not only did I have a huge lack of resources, I had to hold LOTS of IEP’s that were not completed in the beginning of the year.  Not to mention that one of my speech rooms was in the school cafeteria and all morning long I got to listen to easy jazz as the lunch ladies prepped food.  I literally could not conduct therapy between 11-1pm because the level of noise in the cafeteria was so loud.  I either wrote reports (with my headphones on), networked with teachers or did some groups outside.  My other room was shared with the school Pyschologist who had taken over most of the wall space with protocols and tests and I had a tiny little shelf that contained all my speech materials.  When you first start out as a new SLP, you think you can defeat any challenge, but that half year was pretty overwhelming!  I had to wait TWO WHOLE MONTHS to get my therapy materials that I was allowed to order.  I didn’t have much to use and it became a daunting task to prep for a caseload of 60 plus students.  The other day I was using some of my fabulous PAID TPT products and realized how much they have enhanced my therapy as well as saved me time for planning.  I know so many of you LOVE TPT for the free resources they supply (which is amazing), but if you haven’t taken the TPT plunge and bought some PAID products you are missing out!!  So, I decided to have a linky party for other bloggers to share what resources they have Taken the Plunge to buy and LOVE!
TPT plunge link up
To join my Take the TPT Plunge linky party, just write a post on your blog about your journey into the world of paying for TPT products.  Share 2 products that you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and one of your best selling products that so many other SLP’s are using in their therapy rooms!  Now, on to my TPT journey.
This was my first TPT plunge!  I couldn’t resist because I loved the concept and the graphics were very eye catching.  Check out In Your Shoes post from Speech Room News about teaching perspective taking.
Articulation Placemats: Homework Sheets and Drill Activiti
Figuratively speeching has a wonderful product that has saved so much time with prepping for homework sheets.  She made Articulation Placemats- Homework Sheets & Drill Activities Bundle 2 which are homework sheets that can be used at the dinner table as a placemat.  One sheet covers homework for the entire week!  On the sheet is a tic tac toe game, word scrambles and spin and say activities that make practice quick and easy for each day!  My kids groan less when I hand them one of these placemats rather than a word list or some other sort of worksheet.
Slide1My No Prep, Print N’ Go Thematic Packs have been saving me BIG time this year because I have already begun the crazy mad IEP season.  I am also getting tired of being the “game police” and find that doing more “activity” based therapy has been going more smoothly.  This pack is FILLED with lots of different speech and language targets, plus they are black and white ink only! Here is my Money Saving Bundle
that has all my thematic units.  Pssst!  I have a product in the works, so if you buy now, you will get any additional packs I add for FREE!
tpt plunge 2



Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Craftivity FREEBIE!

cloudy craftLast week I started reading Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett and the kids loved the book!  This was a favorite of mine as a young child and I love how it targets weather and food vocabulary because there is SO much to talk about when it comes to those two topics.  After I read the books to my little kindergarten and 1st grade students, they earned blocks after they said their speech sounds to make a town and then we destroyed it with giant pieces of play food!

tiny townWith my older students, I used one of my templates in my Spring Print N’ Go pack to have them draw pictures of what happened in the beginning, middle and ending of the story.  They had to then retell the story to me using their pictures to help guide the way!

visualizingThis week we are going to Cloudy Weather Food Mobiles and I am going to adapt it for each of my groups.  You can have your students write their speech sounds, vocabulary from the story, adjectives to describe food and weather, and just about anything else you can think of!!

pipe cleanersDirections:  Print out the cloud template and cut out as many as you need with construction paper (I used gray).  Then print out enough food items for your students to choose.  Students can color the food and then use pipe cleaners, string and tape, or strips of construction paper to attach the food.  You can have your students write about what foods they would want to fall from the sky and why!

tape and yarnI also have Courtney Gragg’s book companion that I will be using in therapy as well!  I also found a FREEBIE activity pack that works on comprehension and vocabulary.  You can grab this cute craft in my TPT store!!  I would love to see your student’s crafts, so be sure to take pictures and tag my on IG @thedabblingspeechie, so I can see their adorable craftivities!! (1506)


Wise Wallet Wednesday: Spring Cleaning Round Up!

spring cleaningSpring is here in Sacramento and I start to get the urge to purge!  I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning because I would be rather doing other things, but I always feel better when things have their place, so that clean up is quick and easy.  One of the reasons I avoid cleaning is that I find I always have to fork out money (too much money) for these organization storage systems.  In the end I know it will help me keep life tidy and neat, but sometimes having extra cash around to buy  organizing resources for my therapy room is not an option.

Presentation1So today for Wise Wallet Wednesday, I thought I would share a ROUND UP of ideas for organizing and keeping your therapy items tidy without breaking the bank. is a post I did last year about Spring Cleaning, on how I used a caddy to store all my craft items, file folder stand for housing my TPT themed activities and some dollar store baskets to create an oral motor “grab n’ go” kit for easy access to oral motor materials when needed (you never know when you need to break those gloves out)!

Whitney from Let’s Talk shares a great “free” way to categorize your children’s books for easy, quick access using wooden paint stir sticks from Home Depot and stickers to alphabetize books by themes.  Check out her post for more organization tips HERE!

Carrie’s Speech Corner has some great inexpensive ideas for How to organized TPT materials using a dish drainer that you can get from the dollar store or IKEA for cheap!!

Busy Bee Speech shares her five essentials for organizing your speech room!  My favorite are the Educational Insights Space Place Pocket Chart (amazon affiliate link for your convenience) and I store my articulation words from Mommy Speech Therapy (free artic words). Speech Room News hosted a wonderful Love It & List It Linky party sharing about ALL things organization!  Tons of bloggers linked up with their tips in tricks including this girl!  I shared about how I keep my student’s information organized and what I bring to IEP meetings, so I can take notes in one place and have my business cards handy.  Check out that post HERE!

My girl Jenn over at Crazy Speech World has a great organizational system for keeping track of her themed materials.  Initially, you may have to fork up some dough for the containers and hanging folders, but this would be an easy clean up at the end of the year if you have to move sites or take materials home!  My tip:  try to get the hanging folders through your school supply by asking your secretary or use your $100 budget to invest in some of these containers!!

Super Power Speech shares how she keeps her therapy materials organized by using binders (again, you may be able to get binders from your school)!  You can organize your materials by theme, disorder or month! Check out the part 2 to organizing your materials HERE!

Hope all these ideas gets your rear in gear for cleaning and getting organized before you finish out the school year.  The sun is starting to come out, so start now because you will be able to leave work quicker and your office will stay cleaner, so you can enjoy the SUNSHINE longer!! (513)


Speachy Feedback Linky Party

Speachy FeedbackI decided to link up with Allison’s Speech Peeps monthly Speechy feedback linky party!  I decided to choose two feedback winners…one for a paid product and one for some freebie feedback.  I am so appreciated of your feedback because it let’s me know what you love and what you need for activities!  Sooooo many of you bought my Springtime Themed No Prep Speech & Language Activities  pack and I designed it for myself and ALL the SLP’s about to go into IEP Madness for the next couple of months.  One of my stress triggers is having too much paperwork that all my free time is spent staying on track with assessment reports and IEP’s that I have NO time to prep for therapy.  This pack has saved me from “freaking” out and allows me to easily plan for therapy without much prep time!

Slide1Brandlynn R. shared the same feelings with me when she/he purchased this pack as she/he wrote: “Please, please, please make more of these! These No-Prep packets have saved my sanity for the past two months running! I am so sad to think that I won’t have one next month! This is seriously the only TPT product that: 1) addresses all of my student’s goals 2) doesn’t require thirty-five dollars of color ink and 3) doesn’t take 5 hours to prepare. Thank you!!”

original-1128807-1Up next is my “freebie” feedback.  I just started prepping this craft to use with my kids in a couple of weeks and just loved that someone else thought this craft is cute for their kiddos.  Customer user name Angelique S. said:

“Perfect graphics and the perfect ant activity. It goes soooo well with my story. Thanks”
If you gave me this great feedback, email me at: and you get to pick something from my store!!  I have some new additions coming, but it has been slow moving due to crazy March Madness IEP meetings!



Tricks of the Trade Blog Hop

Blog HopI am participating in the Tricks of the Trade Blog Hop and am here today to share about ALL THINGS PREPOSITIONS!  To participate in the blog hop, you read through all 16 blog posts and collect a letter/word from each blog. Put them all together to create a phrase that you enter on Allison’s Speech Peeps site (in the Rafflecopter box).  You will then be entered to win one of three prizes:

-1 $50 TPT Gift Certificate

-1 of 2 $15 TPT Gift Certificates
First BlogTo start at the beginning of the blog hop just click on the picture above.  Now onto my tips and tricks!  So many of my students have limited expressive language, so I wanted to share some of my tips on how to work on these in therapy!

prepositionsEvery year I have students with language goals that include following directions with basic concepts, will use prepositional phrases and will verbally create or retell a story using key story elements.  So, I have included LOTS of different resources and ideas that help meet those goals!  (This post contains amazon affiliate links for your convenience).

prep phrasesI use the Learning To Sequence: 6-Scene Sets to work on story telling and explaining where things are located in the pictures.  There is one scene about baking cookies, so the students use the prepositions “in”, “on” and “out” when talking about the story sequence.

beachThis next therapy resource is probably one of my MOST requested items even with some of my 4th graders!  They are thematic picture scenes that have magnets of different people, items and animals that go with the scene.  I have the Create A Scene Magnetic Pet Shop, Magnetic Farm, Smethport Create-a-Scene – On The Go, and Smethport Create-a-Scene – Beach.  Not only are these affordable (under $10 each), they can also be used to teach categories and vocabulary.  We use these to work on following directions with spatial concepts (receptively) and (expressively), I will have students tell me where certain items are located.

The rest of my secret tips are on my youtube channel!  Check it out!!

Here is my secret letter that you need to enter for your chance to WIN a $50 and 2 $15 gift cards to TPT!  Who doesn’t love to win gift cards!?

Dabbling Speechie

To learn another fun tip and get your next letter, click on the picture below!!

Next Blog



411 on my Spring Time No Prep Activities Pack!

Hello all my SLP peeps, I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful and inspired by all your support.  It totally makes my day when someone buys one of my products and it also inspires me to think up new creations to help make therapy a little bit more fun!

BINGO spring

I updated my Springtime NO PREP, Print N’ Go Activities Pack with some Springtime BINGO sheets, so if you bought it during the BIG sale, go re-download to get those additional sheets!  I also wanted to give you the 411 on how I have been using some of the activities from my no prep, print n’ go activities series and thought a little screen action with this dabbling speechie would be fitting.

Check me out on my youtube channel and see what tips I have to share!  I have some fun tidbits about “cray cray” at the end of my video. (514)


A Sweet Treat Craftivity FREEBIE!

Every two months or so, I have to make a craft for the kids at Sunday School (yes, I dabble in church activities, too).  My pastor has been doing a 6 week series about the attributes of God and I wanted to make a craft that the kids could understand how many parts there are to God.  Little did I know that during the process of creating something for them, that I would be reminded of how GREAT God is and how often I forget to lean on him for his sovereignty, power, kindness, grace, mercy, and the list could go on.  Well, in the midst of creating a Sunday school craft, I thought of a cute articulation craftivity that could be perfect to use in your speech rooms!

sweet craftThis is a fun all-year round craft to do or perfect to use around Easter time with the jelly beans.  Just print up the jars on white cardstock and either print the gumballs/jelly beans onto colored construction paper, or you can use the template to cut out the candy pieces.  Glue onto the jar and have your students write in their speech sounds.  I love that the kids can then take them home to practice!  You can grab the template to make this SWEET craft HERE!

chruch craftI thought I would share the Sunday school craft template as well in case some of you speechies help out with crafts at your church!  I really loved making this craft and it reminded me about how wonderful God is in my life.  Grab that template HERE!

Hope you enjoy!  Please feel free to send me pics via Instagram, so I can see all the fun you are having with this craft in your speech rooms! (1437)

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